Leslie Jones Calls Out White Women Supporting Black Lives Matter In New Comedy Routine

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It sounds like Leslie Jones has a new stand-up routine, focusing during slightest in partial on a hacking and trolling liaison that so severely influenced her life final year.

And from what is being reported by a New York Post and others, it certain sounds like Jones’ new stand-up is irritable — really edgy!

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The comedian apparently took to a theatre recently in a four-night army during Carolines, a New York comedy club, and delivered a overwhelming call-out of white women perplexing to support Black Lives Matter.

In a call-out, Jones allegedly said:

“If we see another 45-year-old white lady from Williamsburg observant ‘black lives matter,’ I’m going to punch we in a mouth. Stop doing that.”


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But her madness wasn’t singular to white women, possibly — and she touches on a lot of aspects of the amicable unrest and controversies that have erupted following Donald Trump‘s presidency.

For example, Jones hits on a women’s marches and other demonstrations that have taken place all over a nation over a final several weeks, though she calls out black women — not white women — here for their (lack of?) participation, in her eyes:

“Not one black lady out there. Black lady during home examination [Real] Housewives of Atlanta.

And she also records how, while she’d like to tumble in adore in 2017, she’s some-more prepared for a canon with The Donald manning a White House right now:

“I wish to be in love. we wish to do that, though it’s 2017, and we got a pig in office. The universe is about to end.”

That final one hopefully doesn’t spin out to be too true!

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But what do we consider about her Black Lives Matter comments, Perezcious readers?! All good since it’s within a context of a comedy routine, or did she cranky a line in removing too personal towards white women?

Let us know in a comments (below)!!!

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