Lena Dunham Talks Body Shamers On The Ellen Show — ‘You Just Can’t Win’

Lena Dunham talks weight criticism.

Lena Dunham has recently mislaid some weight, nonetheless gained a slew of critique since of it.

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The Girls star seemed on The Ellen Show Wednesday and discussed a stupidity of it all, articulate about how people have been body-shaming her and job her a deceiver since she started operative out to fight a pain compared with her endometriosis.

She said:

“Well it’s only so crazy since we spent 6 years of my career being called things like ‘bag of milk’ on a internet, we know ‘baby cow,’ ‘aging cow.’ we only never felt self unwavering about it.”

Lena added:

“Anyone who’s going to take a time to contend something disastrous about my weight on a internet wasn’t someone we was quite penetrating to stir anyway.”

True that!

The 30-year-old afterwards minute accurately what people had been observant about her weight loss:

“Then we had this knowledge of my physique changing and unexpected we had all these people being like, ‘you’re a hypocrite, we suspicion we were physique positive. we suspicion we were a chairman who embraced bodies of all sizes,’ and we was like we do, we only also know that bodies change, we live a prolonged time, things happen.

I was undone by it since it unequivocally was justification that as a lady in Hollywood, we only can’t win.”

It’s totally absurd that she gets abashed either she gains or loses weight. Then again, it’s unfit to make everybody happy, and we’re certain Lena isn’t going to let this critique get to her.

Watch a shave (below)!

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