Lee Daniels Talks About Prince, Donald Trump And The Time Oprah Called Him “A Petulant Child” – SXSW

Lee DanielsSXSW keynote residence Sunday morning encompassed all from Donald Trump to Purple Rain, and even enclosed a executive doing his best Oprah Winfrey impersonation as he removed a speak uncover black sauce him down when he complained about ratings.

“Oprah said, ‘You testy child…,’” Daniels said, imitating Winfrey’s greeting when he complained that his Star wasn’t removing a ratings of his Empire. “She said, ‘You still have plain numbers.’”

Daniels (Precious, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Empire) pronounced he hadn’t prepared a debate for SXSW, and after attack some publicist-provided articulate points, started to improvise. The choosing of Trump has been anything yet a and for society, he said, though he found a china lining.

“We’re in formidable times,” he pronounced about a Trump era. “This male is where he is — he’s a thoughtfulness of who we are. He is a karma. I’m perplexing to explain this to my son. It’s tough to be a father and tough to be a black dad.”

The climb of Trump, however, will be a bonus for a artistic community, according to Daniels. “I consider some of a best art, literature, essay will come out of this. [After a election] we couldn’t sleep, yet we wrote some of a best work we have ever done. we was in pain.”

Daniels removed being beaten by his father and being in risk flourishing adult “different” — Daniels is happy — in West Philadelphia. He credited his tough no-holds-barred grandmother as a role model, and pronounced he based Empire’s Cookie Lyon on her.

Quoting his grandmother, Daniels removed her revelation him: “‘You’re a faggot and black and life isn’t going to be easy.’” He pronounced he had wanted to kill himself, and after relocating to Los Angeles following a year of college, he finished adult “on drugs” as a AIDS predicament went full stifle and killed many of his friends.

“It’s a spectacle we don’t have HIV,” he said. “I can’t figure it out.”

After holding a pursuit during a nursing service, he started his possess company. “It’s no opposite than pimping,” he pronounced to laughs. “You assign $25 for a helper and give a helper $15. we went from creation a few hundred dollars a week to a million dollars. It’s crazy.”

Daniels removed offered his association and apropos a P.A. on Purple Rain, yet he pronounced he doesn’t consider he has an IMDb credit for it — he doesn’t.

“Warner Bros. would glow me, yet afterwards Prince would sinecure me back,” he said. “I had no filter. They were suits. I’d say, ‘No motherfucker…’ we had no thought since we hadn’t worked with anyone [in Hollywood] before.”

He removed selling Monster’s Ball around city even yet nobody would take him seriously. He pronounced he felt “proud” of his early producing work on that film, that warranted Halle Berry an Oscar for Best Actress in 2001, and The Woodsman with Kevin Bacon, and after on his underline film directorials Precious, The Paperboy and Lee Daniels’ The Butler, that he credits with paving a approach to Empire.

“It was really tough [to get Empire], yet we consider it came off clever after The Butler. [Fox] was meddlesome to see [what we had].”

An romantic impulse currently came when Daniels spotted Precious star Gabourey Sidibe sitting in a audience. He brought her to a stage, and a dual bantered behind and onward (Sidibe has a book entrance out). Daniels joked that she was insane he “only had her in a few episodes of Empire.”

In closing, Daniels pronounced that his ego is some-more in check these days. “I’m some-more common now,” he said. “I know there are ups and downs. we know there are distant improved directors out there. I’m a vessel and I’m here to pass it on to people distant improved than me.”