Leap Lipi review: Ashok Lokhande’s brief film ideally captures a woes of a 60-something male whose birthday falls on Feb 29

ashok lokhande jump lipi brief filmashok lokhande jump lipi brief film Written and destined by Vaibhav Munjal, Leap Lipi stars Ashok Lokhande in a lead.

Vaibhav Munjal’s new brief film Leap Lipi is about a 60-something male still coping with a fact that his birthday falls on a one dreaded day of a year – a 29th of February. Yes, it comes only once each 4 years and that is because technically in a lifetime of about 66 years, Ashok has been means to applaud only 16 birthdays.

While on a surface, celebrating your birthday once each 4 years is not that large a understanding though when we see it by a waste lens of Lokhande’s character, we finish adult feeling for him. The credit for that also goes to Ashok Lokhande. He is means to constraint a emotions of his impression ideally with his some-more than healthy act.

Loneliness is one of a sheer realities that many Indian households understanding with today. But not many cinematic ventures understanding with it with a approach Leap Lipi has. And that is what creates this brief film a lovely watch. Here we have a waste aged male confronting a kind of existential predicament when on one of a birthday eves (February 28) he realises he still has to wait for dual some-more years to applaud his subsequent birthday and he is not wholly certain he will live adult to that day.

While typically we design a brief film like this to hurl out in a conform of single-handed monologue, it is not a approach Munjal has selected for himself. With Rajagopalan Ganesan’s Pramod, he is means to interpose a kind of jaunty confidence within his touching plot. His not-so-ingenious preposition to stop time is somehow accurately a proclivity that a few-pegs-down Lokhande needs during a moment. And Ganeshan is roughly ideal in his act as a high-spirited, generally happy person. The dialogues are convincing and a approach a credentials strain takes a jump from Indian religious songs to a Norah Jones strain is deputy of a ray of wish that Pramod’s elementary movement has given Ashok’s character.

Vaibhav Munjal’s Leap Lipi is a heart-warming story that reiterates a fact that even pointless conversations with delivery-boys can leave we with a feel-good feeling about life.

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