Leah Remini: Tom Cruise is "Diabolical," Truly Evil

Leah Remini rose to luminary as a no-nonsense, loyal clear sense on a terrible CBS sitcom King of Queens.

And, shaped on her latest comments about Tom Cruise, it doesn’t sound as nonetheless this lady was a dilate for Remini to portray.

Tom Cruise during Mummy Premiere

The actress, who will reunite with Kevin James this decrease as a array unwavering on Kevin Can Wait, sat down this week for a Reddit AMA.

Asked during one prove possibly Cruise is a good person, Remini did not reason any opinion back.

“No! Just going to get loyal to it, no!” she replied, expounding as follows:

“There is a open persona of a male who looks during we directly in a eye and shakes your palm and hugs we and is an well-behaved authority to we and there’s a authority behind a masquerade who is a totally conflicting person.”

In what way, exactly?

Remini tried to explain.

“Someone could contend we all have that – what we are to a open and who we are behind a scenes,” she said.

“But a people who are around Tom and work for Tom, not even people who are Scientologists, they will contend he is diaboloical [sic].”

Leah Remini Poses

Remini, of course, has spin as famous during this prove for her tie to a Church of Scientology as she is for her career.

An ex member of that monk sequence (for that Cruise is radically a spokesman), Remini has shop-worn giveaway from a supposed cult and verbal out conflicting it.

Frequently and passionately.

She conspicuous late final year, for example, that Scientology is full of rape and forced abortions.

The star finished these strenuous accusations as prejudiced of a AE series Leah Remini: Scientology and a Aftermath.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

In this AMA, Remini conspicuous that some folks she has worked with in a past cunning contend she “can be an asshole,” nonetheless claimed it’s a conflicting story for Cruise who is one of a many high-profile members of a Church of Scientology.

Probably a many high profile.

“He’s unequivocally matching to David Miscavige, they could be twins,” she wrote, referencing a organization’s leader.

A new mellow of Leah Remini: Scientology and a Aftermath is on a way, one in that a society will once again uproot into a dangers of her former religion.

She’s talked before about a child abuse and ardent harassment that takes place within in.

“Tom and many Scientologists, all Scientologists, are taught to trust that people like me are literally a devil, that we meant them harm,” she told Larry King in Dec 2016 before to claiming that a church is “defrauding people out of their lives.”

Leah Remini on Kevin Can Wait

In pleasantness to her criticism of Cruise, the Church of Scientology conspicuous around matter to Us Weekly:

“Leah Remini has been scary with a celebrity of a Scientology eucharist and with Mr. Cruise for years, ever given she finished a theatre during Mr. Cruise’s matrimony when she couldn’t get a chair she wanted.

“Remini is customarily commenting on these twin renowned people to breed media coverage for herself and her loathing campaign.

“Remini is focussed on inciting loathing and influence conflicting a worldwide eucharist and a parishioners and she will stop during 0 to fist attention.”

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