Lauren Conrad Says ‘My Life Is A Bit Of A Mess’

Lauren Conrad wants us to know, in her life it’s not only Hills — there are valleys too.

The former MTV star is opening adult about a law behind her clearly picture-perfect life. It isn’t as beautifully curated as her amicable media feed, though of march we’d never know. Instagram is a prominence tilt after all!

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In a new underline with Redbook, LC reveals she knows how things competence demeanour to an outsider:

“It’s unequivocally humorous to me when people have this thought that we have things really put together. My life is a bit of a mess, and we don’t promote that, though we like it that way.

I like to concentration on a prettier tools of life, though that doesn’t indispensably paint all of it.”

The 32-year-old’s beautiful silken feed shows us she’s a dedicated mom to her one-year-old son Liam, amatory mother to father William Tell, a best-selling author and artistic co-operator with Kohl’s.

Hence because she opted out of doing The Hills reboot with a rest of her former expel mates.

But a offline moments we don’t get to see, like a hurdles of using a business, have taught her a lot:

“I wanted to hoop all myself—I felt that nobody would caring about my business as most as we would. But when we take on too much, it’s tough to do all well. It got to a indicate where it was too most for me to handle. we had to learn to delegate. If we can concentration on a areas where we know we can’t be transposed and move in assistance in a areas we can, that’s where we find success.”

The mother-of-one had this square of recommendation for anyone who competence be feeling a vigour to be on indicate 24/7 (aka all of us):

 “You’re not going to suffer a flattering things if you’ve been adult all night doing them. Your life isn’t ostensible to be Pinterest.”

Wise words, Lauren!

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