Late-Night Lately: Jon Stewart’s Return, Conan in Mexico, #OscarsSoWrong Jokes

Late-night hosts took a discerning mangle from their Trump element to poke fun during Sunday’s Oscars snafu on Monday night. 

Stephen Colbert pronounced he felt bad for both movies, La La Land and Moonlight. “That is so worried to watch,” he joked. “It’s like watching Titanic, solely Titanic indeed won best picture.” 

“There’s always a catch,” joked Colbert. “Here’s your Oscar, yet some white folks get to hold it first. To make matters worse, while they were adult on theatre Ryan Gosling had to explain jazz to them.”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah assimilated “everyone everywhere still perplexing to figure out what in a vital f— happened during a Oscars.”

“Guys, America has too many twists. My heart can’t hoop this anymore,” pronounced Noah. He pronounced that between a election, a Super Bowl and a Oscars, he’s going to start watching Game of Thrones as a approach to ease his nerves. He sees a certain in it though. “Black people were finished wrong, and mins after they got reparations,” pronounced Noah.

Over on The Late Late Show, James Corden mimicked La La Land’s rehearsal scene, mimicking Emma Stone’s “Audition” strain with one of his own. Instead of dedicating a balance to “the ones who dream,” Corden sang about “the ones who lose.” 

Jimmy Kimmel, horde of a Oscars, explained what happened during Monday’s part of Jimmy Kimmel Live! “What Warren did is he was confused so he handed it to Faye and let her review a winner,” pronounced Kimmel. “In other words, Clyde threw Bonnie underneath a bus. It was a sharp move.”

“People around me said, ‘Oh, did we lift a antic of some kind?'” Kimmel added. “If we had pulled a prank, we wouldn’t only have a wrong winner’s name on a envelope. When they non-stop it there would be like a Bed Bath and Beyond banking during a finish of it.”

Conan O’Brien shielded Beatty, observant that a pouch he was given “was flattering confusing.”

The horde showed a “clip” of what happened, with a close-up of a envelope, that read, “Moonlight is not the film that didn’t win best picture.” 

Seth Meyers joked that La La Land losing to Moonlight was “yet another embarrassing defeat for long-lived crook Ryan Gosling.” He pronounced that a endowment for “most pictures” went to a traveller Gary from Chicago.