Las Vegas Shooting Victim’s Boyfriend Planned On Proposing After Fatal Concert

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What a harmful tragedy…

On Sunday in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock began banishment during Route 91 Harvest Festival attendees, murdering during slightest 59 and injuring 527.

One of those killed was 28-year-old Andrea Castilla.

The Huntington Beach, CA-native trafficked to Nevada with her beloved Derek Miller to revisit her sister Athena, and to applaud her birthday. Little did she know, her partner of 7 months was going to propose.

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Her sister tells People:

“He told me after she had passed… They were formulation on staying on until Thursday in a guest room… He told me, ‘I was formulation on seeking her this weekend with we guys… We talked about spending a rest of a lives together.”‘

Andrea’s hermit Adam adds:

“They had guarantee rings, and they always talked about it… Derek had asked my dad’s permission. He wanted to start a family with her.”

The Sephora worker attended a nation song festival with Derek, Athena, and her sister’s fiancé. After 10 p.m. during Jason Aldean‘s set, a beautician was strike in a head.

Athena recalls a disharmony and difficulty of a scene:

“We only weren’t certain what it was during first… Then everybody started running… Next thing we know… [Andrea’s] on a floor… My fiancé and we lonesome her physique to keep people from stepping on her… Her whole hair was soaked in blood. The gunshots kept going and going. We were only praying we were going to make it.”

Once a sharpened stopped, Andrea was ecstatic to a sanatorium in a behind of a truck. Her sister recalls:

“There were people on a streets perplexing to take people… we was holding onto her conduct and perplexing to keep her from losing so most blood, articulate to her, kissing her, revelation her she was going to make it… She was perplexing to breathe. She was struggling, her eyes were closed… She was only struggling unequivocally bad… We all did a best to assistance her get by it. We did a best we could.”

The subsequent morning, her family was told she died shortly after arriving.

Despite her final moments, Castilla’s desired ones remember a makeup artist for her ambition, passion, and heart of gold.

After her mom died in 2003 after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Andrea wanted to make other cancer patients feel beautiful, inside and out. Her hermit recalls:

“She was so focused… When she told me what she wanted to do, it was like a light illuminated up. She wanted to do it since it helped so many other people… She wanted to make everybody demeanour pleasing and feel beautiful… She was a loyal dreamer… Anytime she would demeanour during anything, it was always positive. Anything and everything, she would always spin it into a positive.”

R.I.P. Andrea. You will be missed.

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