Lalit Modi says goodbye to cricket administration

Lalit Modi, BCCI, Indian ExpressLalit Modi, BCCI, Indian Express Lalit Modi has stepped down from cricket administration. (Source: Express Archive)

Former Rajasthan Cricket Association President Lalit Modi on Saturday announced that he is behest adieu from cricket administration. Modi on Twitter hoop wrote,” Dear Fans of cricket a salvation of a game. we wish to take this event 2 appreciate any everybody of we for creation @IPL what it is🙏🏾”

In a minute to BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, Modi settled that he has finished his bit in contributing to Indian cricket and it was now adult to others to raise and foster a game.

“12th, Aug 2017
Dear Mr. Rahul Johri
Greetings to everybody in a cricket family. It has been a prolonged tour for me in Indian cricket. The trail in this tour has been hilly during times, though a end has always been a office of excellence. Needless to state that over a past 15 years, we have enjoyed any impulse of my journey.

But we feel that a time is now developed to pass on a rod to a subsequent generation. Thus, currently we wish to bid goodbye to cricket administration for now. we overtly trust that we have contributed even if it is in my tiny approach to a swell and contentment of cricket in India during all levels. Today, when we see a immature cricketer in any partial of India dream big, it gives me measureless satisfaction.

When we assimilated a complement approach behind in 2005, Indian cricket was healthy though had still not achieved a constant potential. Then as we set about march correcting, we unbarred a genuine intensity per a blurb value of a diversion in India.

When we came into a BCCI, a revenues were grieving during about 260 crores and when we left in 2010, a pot were some-more than 47600 crores.


A diversion that would sell for a insignificant 40-50 lacs currently sells for 100 crores. Today India is during a peak of a universe cricketing economy interjection especially to a efforts put in by all of us. Special discuss here for one Mr Sharad Pawar – who common a prophesy and speedy me in a query to launch and run one of a world’s many viable cricket products of all time – The Indian Premier League. In2010 it was valued during $11 billion and currently a value of IPL has depressed to $4 billion due to miss of innovation. That has still increasing a value of cricket in India by scarcely 8 times. Columbia and Stanford University have finished box studies on how we built a joining and postulated it.

The IPL is a sixth many profitable sporting skill in a world, also rising as a hotbed for nurturing and building Indian and indeed tellurian cricketing talent over a past 10 years. Some of whom have left on to paint India and other teams opposite a cricketing world. Thus, a successful control of a 10th book of IPL progressing this year finished me a happiest male in a whole far-reaching universe as it helped a BCCI grasp what we had set out to make, not to discuss a unheard-of sponsorship value underneath your shrewd care being another sheer thoughtfulness on a intensity value of Indian cricket.

In my time during a Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) we followed a identical regulation whereby cricket growth was a concentration of all a efforts, during a really epicenter of all we suspicion and did.

The Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur is today, a truly universe category set-up joined with a tip of a line High- Performance Centre. This trickery total with identical academies during all districts truly helps broach universe category infrastructure for a cricketers to file their skills. One of a by-products of this bid has been triumphs in Ranji Trophy as good as a participation of some intensity India players in a state of Rajasthan. We achieved all this while a supports to RCA from BCCI was blocked, evidently since of my participation in a system. Despite a miss of financial support and singular resources, we still managed to put in efforts to assistance a cricketers.

From refurbishing a Academy to bringing India’s world-cup winning manager Gary Kirsten to sight a Rajasthan youngsters a RCA underneath my Presidentship didn’t consider twice about a costs. It was truly a worthy bid by a team, notwithstanding a miss of support from BCCI, to put together a module for a cricketers. The other vital feat was to make cricket a truly mass competition during all levels in Rajasthan. We brought in synthetic territory pitches – a best in a universe and ones used during a ICC’s Global Academy in Dubai – from a UK and supposing it to any of a 33 districts to assistance take a diversion to a masses. All this happened while we had no value of a legitimate share of a incomparable Indian cricket pie.

When we demeanour behind during all this work during a macro and a micro level, we trust it is truly time to pierce on and yield a subsequent era of administrators an opportunity. This approach we will be means to safeguard that there is never a recession of ideas and ideas as we all know in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) universe is a new tellurian currency.

More importantly, we trust in a reforms introduced by a Honorable Justice Lodha. we trust that is truly a approach forward. In fact, a RCA was a initial of a associations to safeguard 100% correspondence with a proposals of a Lodha Committee in minute and spirit. And in that same vein, we am happy to surprise we that we have motionless to bid cricket goodbye for now.

I am withdrawal cricket in able hands of people like you, who have already finished a conspicuous swell in a brief camber of time. we overtly trust a complement is some-more critical than any individual. Indian cricket is truly an instance of my belief. we will always be a constant fan of Indian cricket. While perfectionist high levels of uprightness and appropriateness from some is positively laudable, we consternation since a same standards are not practical to some like Mr N Srinivasan.

After all, Indian cricket administration is in a state of shake since of Mr N Srinivasan. The top justice of a land, Supreme Court, has ticked him off too for his impasse in Indian cricket and has also asked him to stay away. On a contrary, we continue to be penalized for a crime that we have not committed, even after being privileged by all a questioning agencies. But Mr N Srinivasan continues to attend BCCI meetings, notwithstanding peak court’s sardonic observations. It does seem that while we have been approaching to live adult to aloft standards by even exiting from all forms of cricket, a same order is not practical to Mr Srinivasan. Maybe he is an difference to a rule, or might be a order himself.

As we palm over a baton, we wish to appreciate everybody in my group over a past dual decades during Rajasthan and a BCCI. We had some good times sculpting and putting together a destiny of Indian cricket. Now that a destiny is here let’s wish BCCI and RCA set aloft goals. But for Rajasthan to aim higher, we need supports from a BCCI that is a legitimate share.

I have finished my partial for a raise of Rajasthan cricket, and now it is your spin to respect your partial of a promise! we repose my faith in we and a BCCI to do a right thing!

I would, therefore, ask we to recover a supports due to RCA as shortly as possible. we trust it was blocked precisely since of my presence. With my exit from all forms of cricket, during all levels, for ever, we consider RCA deserves to retrieve their share and participation on a Indian cricket map. we wish a BCCI underneath your stewardship lives adult to that promise.”

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