Lady Gaga apologises for operative with R Kelly on Do What U Want

Lady Gaga R Kelly
Lady Gaga R Kelly Lady Gaga apologises for collaborating with R Kelly. (Photo: Lady Gaga/Facebook)

Singer-actor Lady Gaga has apologised for her past partnership with RB artist R Kelly, who has been indicted of passionate nuisance by mixed women.

Gaga, who worked with Kelly on 2013’s “Do What U Want (With My Body)”, posted a extensive matter on Twitter, observant she stands by a victims who have come brazen with their stories of harassment.

“I mount behind these women 1000%, trust them, know they are pang and in pain, and feel strongly that their voices should be listened and taken seriously,” a thespian said.

She pronounced her partnership with Kelly happened during a “dark time in my life.”

“My goal was to emanate something intensely daring and provocative given we was indignant and still hadn’t processed a mishap that had occurred in my possess life. The strain is called ‘Do What U Want (With My Body)’, we consider it’s transparent how categorically disfigured my meditative was during a time,” she said.

“If we could go behind and have a pronounce with my younger self I’d tell her to go by a therapy we have given then, so that we could know a confused post-traumatic state that we was in – or if therapy was not accessible to me or anyone in my conditions – to find help, and pronounce as plainly and overtly as probable about what we’ve been through,” she added.

She vowed not to work with Kelly again and pronounced she intends to “remove this strain off of iTunes and other streaming platforms”.

In her tweet, she wrote, “I mount by anyone who has ever been a plant of passionate assault.”

Gaga resolved a matter by apologising once again for her “poor judgment” and for “not vocalization out sooner”.

In 2013, Gaga had shielded operative with Kelly.

“R. Kelly and we have infrequently unequivocally wrong things created about us, so in a approach this was a bond between us. That we were means to say, a public, they can have a bodies, though they can't have a mind or a heart. It was a unequivocally healthy collaboration,” she had said.

The renewed contention about Kelly and his rapacious poise stems from a new documentary, Surviving R Kelly, that chronicles a accusations of abuse and pedophilia opposite a singer. He has denied all a allegations.