LA schools close over ‘threat’

Media captionSteve Zimmer, LA Unified School District: “Do not send your children to school”

Los Angeles schools have been sealed as an vague hazard is investigated, military have said.

Officials would not mention a inlet of a threat, that led to students being sent home and propagandize buses returned to depots.

A propagandize district orator pronounced it concerned rucksacks, and they were sportive “an contentment of caution”.

The district is a second largest in a US, with 640,000 students attending some-more than 1,000 schools.

Police are acid all a schools, that will sojourn sealed until a hazard is over, officers told reporters during a press conference.

“Earlier this morning we did accept an electronic hazard that mentions a reserve of a schools,” pronounced Steven Zipperman, arch of a Los Angeles propagandize military department.

“We have selected to tighten a schools currently until we can be positively certain that a campuses are safe.”

An unnamed military central told Associated Press news group a hazard was emailed to a propagandize house member and was suspicion to have come from overseas.

It comes amid a heightened warning after 14 people were killed by a radicalised Muslim integrate in San Bernardino, 60 miles easterly of Los Angeles.

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Parents are being told to collect their children up

Los Angeles Unified School District

  • second largest in a US
  • 640,000 students, about 1,087 schools
  • district spans 720 sq miles (1,865 sq km)
  • includes Los Angeles and all or partial of some-more than 30 smaller cities

“I consider it’s critical to take this prevision formed on what has happened recently and what has happened in a past,” pronounced district superintendent Ramon Cortines.

“It was not to one school, dual schools or 3 schools. It was to many schools, not privately identified. But there were many schools. That’s a reason we took a movement we did… It was to students during schools.”

When asked what was meant be “electronic” threat, he pronounced simply that “it was a message”.

In a apart incident, classes were also cancelled during San Bernardino Valley College on Tuesday due to a explosve hazard done on Monday afternoon.

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