Kylie Jenner & Tyga Split: Why She Finally Left Their Dead End Relationship

Kylie Jenner reportedly dumped her beloved Tyga after dating him for over a year and a half, and we’ve EXCLUSIVELY schooled a reason behind their intolerable split. Find out because the reality star wanted to mangle divided from their ‘dead end’ relationship.

Kylie Jenner, 19, reportedly dumped her longtime boyfriend, Tyga, 27, because she’s “fed up” with a rapper being insane with his money. The energy integrate has been going clever for over a year and a half, yet she allegedly wanted to make changes in her life. “It looks like Kylie HAS finished with Tyga, during slightest for now anyway,” a source tighten to a existence star tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She changes her mind like she changes her underwear yet and Tyga has a robe of always handling to hide his approach behind into her bed somehow.”

“Basically Kylie was wearied with a relationship, she didn’t feel like it was going anywhere and after 18 and months Tyga still hadn’t put a ring on it, so, we snooze, we lose,” a source added. “Kylie isn’t saying anyone else, and she doesn’t consider he was cheating, yet she’s assured she can land herself a hotter, richer boyfriend.” It looks like he’ll have some competition!

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The makeup maven has still seemed to be in good spirits lately, final showing off her implausible long hair makeover in a pic on Mar. 7. As partial of her wardrobe line campaign, Kylie also put her BARE boundary on full arrangement with zero yet a span of pulled down blue jeans. It’s clear she’s going to stay on her grub with her business, even if she’s going by a open breakup.

Kylie and Tyga had their problems over a final year and a half, yet they’ve managed to work out their differences. After their final big blowout, Kylie took her lover right back, so this contingency have been major! “Kylie felt that Tyga was holding advantage of her [financially],” according to MediaTakeOut. “Also she’s flourishing into a woman, and indispensable to make some changes in her life.”

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Tyga and Kylie are over for good? Let us know!