Kylie Jenner Pierces 5-Month-Old Daughter Stormi’s Ears: How Safe Is a Procedure for Babies?

Kylie Jenner is frequency a initial mom (celebrity or otherwise) to pierce her baby’s ears, though her preference to do so with her 5-month-old daughter Stormi has many fans wondering how protected it is.

“My recommendation is to wait until your child is aged adequate to attend in caring for a earrings and a contention of either or not they want this finished to their body,” University of Rochester Medical Center pediatric puncture medicine alloy Elizabeth Murray tells PEOPLE.

According to a American Academy of Pediatrics, “Ears might be pierced for cosmetic reasons during any age” and “there is small risk” concerned if a trenchant is achieved cared for regulating a correct spotless procedures and precautions.

The AAP does suggest regulating a turn earring with a bullion post to revoke a risk of infection and allergic reactions and, “as a ubiquitous guideline,” to reason off on trenchant a child’s ears until they are “mature enough” to caring for a alteration themselves.

Explains Murray about a advantages of watchful until a child is older, “I have seen distant too many infants and toddlers throttle on or swallow earring parts. I’ve also seen a vast series of earrings finish adult in a toddler’s nose!”

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Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi

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According to a 2017 set of recommendations from a AAP for youth tattoos and piercings, in one study, adult to 35 percent of people with ear piercings had one or some-more complications, damaged adult as such: teenager infection (77 percent), allergic greeting (43 percent), keloid arrangement (2.5 percent) and dire ripping (2.5 percent).

“At this indicate practitioners unequivocally need to form their possess opinions about ear piercing,” Johns Hopkins pediatric proprietor Suzanne Rossi said in 2015, adding that a AAP’s indicate on majority is “clearly a best approach to revoke a risk of infection” to a influenced area.

“I customarily try to suggest to families that they get past a six-month immunizations to revoke their risk of tetanus and blood-borne infections,” she explained. “We also make certain a relatives are holding [children] to a creditable place to diminution a risk of infection.”

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi

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Johns Hopkins also remarkable that complications can embody liberate (which happens in roughly one-fourth of all cases), backings embedded in a earlobe and bleeding.

To equivocate infection and other complications, the AAP recommends carrying a medical veteran perform a piercing, regulating rubbing ethanol or some form of disinfectant. Then, ethanol or antibiotic salve should be practical to a influenced area twice daily for “a few days,” that a AAP states “will cut down a chances of infection and dive a recovering process.”

Rotating a earring kindly each day is also important, says a AAP, as good as holding off on dismissal until 4 to 6 weeks after a procession and seeking medical courtesy immediately if a site turns red and/or painful.

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi

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Regardless of reserve and caring recommendations, there have prolonged been debates surrounding a tangible age it’s fine to pierce a child’s ears. In 2013, Today reported about a minute sealed “Leave Those Kids Alone” in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s recommendation column that referred to tot ear trenchant “borderline child abuse.”

The minute sparked a outrageous online sermon over a comparatively common practice, with many agreeing with a letter though others stepping in to urge ear trenchant by citing a stress in their cultures.

“For Latina moms, trenchant their baby girls’ ears has zero to do with vanity. It’s simply a cultural tradition,” co-founder of Spanglish Baby and Bilingual is Better coauthor Roxana Soto in a blog post. “So most so that we freaked out when we schooled my initial child was a lady since we had no thought where we would take her to get her ears pierced.”

Murray tells PEOPLE, “If trenchant an infant’s ears is culturally important, afterwards go forward regulating a [proper] reserve guidelines. Otherwise, remember we are changing your child’s physique for something that has no advantage other than appearances.”