Kvitova’s 2015 of highs and lows

Petra Kvitova

A bizarre year of highs and lows has finished on a smashing note after my beloved Radek took me by warn and asked me to marry him, so Christmas will be even some-more special this year.

It’s a poetic finish to 12 months that have seen me go from winning titles to struggling for motivation, pang with glandular heat and afterwards anticipating my form again.

In a final few weeks I’ve been means to suffer some time during home with my beloved and see my brothers and their kids, and we even managed to get all my Christmas selling finished early, that creates me unequivocally happy.

I like shopping, though when we see so many people in a malls it’s not so appealing!

The final time we strike a round in foe was during a Fed Cup final 5 weeks ago, though after resuming aptness training progressing this month we was behind on a use justice in my home city of Prostejov on 16 December.

A new deteriorate is usually around a corner.

‘Squash, badminton, swimming, paddle tennis…’

Swimming was among a activities suggested by aptness tutor David Vydra while training in Lanzarote

I had 3 weeks off after a Fed Cup final and took my relatives to Dubai for a few days. It was their initial revisit and unequivocally fun, nonetheless it flew past so quickly, though I’m blissful they saw somewhere new and we were means to suffer it together.

It was afterwards time for me to start scheming for 2016 and we headed to Lanzarote for a initial time with my aptness trainer, David Vydra.

We didn’t do a lot of using though instead attempted flattering many all else over a march of a week. In a morning we would go biking and afterwards in a afternoon we did other sports like squash, badminton, swimming, paddle tennis, volleyball…

Playing other racquet sports is a unequivocally opposite knowledge and we contingency acknowledge we didn’t like squish that many – we played for a initial time and it was formidable for me. we cite badminton.

We also bumped into my associate Czech, Jan Zelezny, a three-time Olympic pike champion who was out there coaching 3 or 4 guys. He’s unequivocally famous in a Czech Republic and a unequivocally good guy. Javelin and tennis are about a usually sports we didn’t try in Lanzarote.

I did play an muster in Bratislava after a Fed Cup final though we stepped behind onto justice scrupulously final week in Prostejov and usually about managed to put a round in a court!

You don’t forget that so quickly, nonetheless it does take a few days to get your stroke and feel OK again with no pain in a arm.

Pavla Kvitova assimilated her daughter on holiday in Dubai after a finish of a 2015 season

‘Beating Serena was a good impulse for me’

As we pronounced before, it was a bizarre deteriorate though one with copiousness of highlights. There was Madrid, where we kick Serena – that was a good impulse for me – and went on to win a title, and also a US Open was good for me this year as we reached a quarter-finals.

I’d never unequivocally played that good in New York and we finally had some good results. we wish to have some-more success there; I’m perplexing any year and notwithstanding it being formidable conditions for me, we now know we can play good there if we am healthy.

The high indicate of my year was a Fed Cup during a finish of a deteriorate as we kick Russia in Prague to urge a pretension again.

Unfortunately we didn’t win my second singles compare opposite Maria Sharapova, though we consider it was unequivocally good tennis. The tie came down to a determining doubles and it is formidable examination such an critical compare from a sidelines.

You unequivocally can’t do anything solely support and be with your team-mates. Karolina Pliskova and Barbora Strycova indispensable 3 sets and there were a lot of nerves out there, though I’m unequivocally blissful that a girls done it.

It’s a organisation foe and we unequivocally showed that we won as a organisation and not one individual.

‘Andy was usually good in a Davis Cup’

A few years ago we was kind of a large actor in a Czech organisation and a one approaching to win many of a points, and we consider that was what Andy Murray gifted for Great Britain in this year’s Davis Cup.

When we see a Czech Davis Cup organisation it’s unequivocally similar, with Tomas Berdych heading a approach like Andy does for Britain.

I watched a small bit of a final and it was unequivocally romantic how Andy won it. He was usually great. But of march he needs a organisation to win a Davis Cup. He can’t win it by himself. And he plays with his brother, that is unequivocally surprising and special.

Kvitova (third from left) helped a Czech Republic win a fourth Fed Cup in 5 years

It is unequivocally opposite representing your nation as a tennis player. The week is always good and we have a illusory atmosphere in a Fed Cup organisation among a players and support staff, that we consider not any organisation enjoys. As a girls we are a good group. Nothing there is a problem.

Whatever we go by during a week, by a time a weekend comes around we are ancillary any other from a bench.

‘That passion for tennis is still there’

The tennis deteriorate is prolonged and we consider we mislaid a small bit of tension for a competition during a commencement of this year. It was uncanny to be feeling dull on justice and though any passion or adore for a sport.

I took a month out and after a mangle we felt that passion again, that was a service as we had been a small bit worried.

Tennis has been a vital partial of my life given we was 16 or 17 and changed to Prostejov, and we had to ask for an particular devise during delegate propagandize so that we could sight for tennis and play tournaments. we competence have missed out on a few things along a approach though we was OK with it.

Kvitova announced her rendezvous to Czech ice hockey actor Radek Meidl in December

It was formidable to finish propagandize for sure, it was tough, though on a other side I’m unequivocally blissful that we done it. That passion for tennis is still there, that is great.

Hopefully we can put my health issues behind me as well. we could still play notwithstanding a glandular heat though not rehearse as many as we wanted – though afterwards I’m not a actor who needs to rehearse for 4 hours a day. It was good that we was means to hoop a conditions mentally as good as physically.

I’m healthy right now and practising again, damage free, though we’ll see. Let’s wish it stays like this and 2016 can be a successful year.

Petra Kvitova was articulate to BBC Sport’s Piers Newbery

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