‘KUWTK’: Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban Shocked At Urine Request — Video

Yikes! Kim Kardashian is creation a super personal ask of her BFF Jonathan Cheban on a  Jan. 10 part of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and you’ll never trust what she’s seeking him to do for her!

That’s what friends are for….delivering pee samples! For pregnant Kim Kardashian, it was her best crony Jonathan Cheban who she incited to when she indispensable to have a crater of urine delivered to her doctor’s office. You’ll never trust a crazy sell between these dual on a arriving KUWTK and unnecessary to say, this is one time being a BFF to someone so glamorous has a downside.

“Because I’ve had pregnancy issues during a past we need something forsaken off during a lab. we would sent Stephanie (her assistant) though we’re in such a slit removing calm together for my app,” she tells a camera in a confessional before a video cuts to a stage of her buttering adult Jonathan for a intensely personal ask she’s about to ask him. “You’re my best crony and we don’t know who else we could ask to do this? we need to pee in a crater and we only need it forsaken off to a doctor,’ she says, totally incompetent to enclose her laughter. Needless to say, Her BFF was nothing to happy with a duty she was tasking him with.

“Are we f***ing sick? What do we mean? You wish me to go travel around with your piss?’ he said. “No one will ever know, demeanour we got a crater from my doctor,” she replies pulling a crater from a paper bag. Jonathan is not moved,  observant “That is disgusting, we won’t even reason my possess piss. Are we crazy?”

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“Almost finished with my website, my launch is literally in dual days, let me only pee and I’ll disguise it and see if we even feel a regard of a pee!’ Kim said. Jonathan eventually agrees to her ask though not but saying, “There improved be no warmth, and not one f***ing dud.” Ewww, WAY too most TMI we guys!

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HollywoodLifers, what do we consider of KUWTK deteriorate 11? Are we watching?