‘KUWTK’: Khloe Kardashian Grills Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend Corey Gamble About Relationship

Kris Jenner is dating a new man, and super-protective daughter Khloe Kardashian needs to make certain he’s worthy! That’s since she sat mom’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, down on a latest partial of ‘KUWTK,’ and didn’t balderdash any time stealing to a tough questions.

Kris Jenner, 59, has been dating Corey Gamble, 34, ever given her apart from Caitlyn Jenner, 65, and on a Oct 11 partial of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian, 31, has gotten a tiny controversial of her mom’s beau. She and bestie Malika Haqq, 32, sat Corey down during a griddle for a tiny intense QA.

Corey is a whopping 25 years younger than Kris, and a girls are unequivocally aware. “You and we are essentially a same age,’ Malika tells Corey. “Have we always been perplexed to comparison women?” Damn! Corey has an clear retort. “Since we used to strike on my second category teacher,” he says, origination Khloe laugh. “But it’s not even an age factor, it’s customarily a connection.”

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This matter unequivocally struck a portentous chord with Khloe, generally after he talked sweetly and seemingly about public Kris. Corey and Kris, who were first associated in Oct 2014, met during a jubilee — and apparently it was captivate during initial sight! “She had on this nice-ass dress, and she was looking good,” Corey tells a happy Khloe. He went over and talked to Kris, thereafter asked her to dance. How cute!

After a military of questions from Khloe and Malika, they seemed satisfied with Corey and his answers. Looks like this male is good adequate for Kris after all! We cruise it’s saccharine that Khloe is looking out for her mom so fiercely, and that it seems like she and Corey are going to get along well! This is customarily a clip, though; we’ll have to see what unfolds a rest of a season!

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— Samantha Wilson