Kurt Angle On Which WrestleMania Match Could Steal The Show, John Cena-Undertaker, Fabulous Moolah

During a QA event on Facebook final Friday, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle answered a series of questions concerning WrestleMania 34. Here are some of a highlights:

Charlotte Flair fortifying a SmackDown Women’s Championship opposite Asuka during WrestleMania:

“They could take a show. Don’t blink those 2 together.”

Is John Cena vs. The Undertaker as large a compare as it would have been 8 years ago?

“Why not??? Has anyone mislaid honour for possibly one in 8 years? we haven’t. They both can still go. Both of them.”

If The Shield will reunite and what’s function with Braun Strowman:

“Shield will reunite. It’s inevitable. we don’t know when. Braun is doing only fine. we see a pretension run for him soon.”

Will Kurt Angle be wrestling over WrestleMania?

“I improved be.”

Indie wrestlers he would like to see in WWE:

“Kenny Omega would be cool.”

WWE changing a name of a Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal to a WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal:

“Moolah deserves my respect. From what we knew about her, she was sweet, kind and extraordinary as a womanlike wrestler.”

Is his credentials for competing during WrestleMania opposite from his normal routine?

“No. Intensity. Integrity. Intelligence. And a few some-more breeze sprints. That’s it.”

You can check out all of his answers here.