Kundali Bhagya 8th Jan 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishabh trusts Preeta over Sherlin as he intends to find out more

Kundali Bhagya starts with Preeta(Shraddha Arya) accusing Sherlin of carrying an affair. Preeta says that she respects Rishabh(Manit Joura) a lot and also that Rishbah had pronounced approbation for this matrimony only since of her. Preeta tells Sarla that Rishabh had helped them a lot of times. Preeta says that she had seen Sherlin hugging her beloved and she had called Karan(Dheeraj Dhoopar) so they could follow them to a club. Sherlin starts her behaving and tells Preeta that she knows she does not like her and she is lieing. Kareena lashes out during Preeta observant she always wanted to mangle Rishabh’s matrimony to Sherlin so she herself can get married to Rishabh. She also accuses her of violation her matrimony with Dheeraj for this purpose. Rishabh supports Preeta here and says that he himself knows how bad Dheeraj was. Kareena says that it was again Preeta’s story. Rishabha nd Mahesh roar during Kareena to stop her from repetition on and on. Sherlin is happy that she herself had to do zero and Kareena is convincing a family for her sake.(Also Read: Preeta exposes Sherlin before a family as Karan feels a pangs of love)

Sarla lashes out during Kareena for accusing her daughter. Sarla sasy that even Karan had attempted to mangle Preeta’s matrimony though preeta stops her. Sarla asks Preeta to stop doing things for this family. Kareena says that Sherlin was selling all day currently and that she purchased her marriage dress. Rakhi also says thats he met Sherlin during around 4 though Preeta adds to this observant a raid was during 1. Sroshti counters this seeking Kareena if she saw Sherlin selling her dress. Srishti suggests that they should go to a bar and check a footage so they can find out about this truth. Rishabh agrees to this and says atleast they can find out what happened to Karan also Rishabh now remembers Karan revelation him that someone’s attribute is going to mangle and now he understands what he was articulate about. Sherlin creates an forgive to go and get her bag and calls Prithvi. Prithvi is celebrating as he looks during Karan’s news of removing comparison for IPL and says that now a whole family will be sad. Sherlin calls him and starts screaming as he too lashes out during her for not handling things. Prithvi afterwards asks Sherlin to somehow case their depart and he would do something about a footage. Srishti observes how it is late and that substantially is creation a call to someone. Rakhi goes in hunt of Sherlin and finds her on phone and questions her about it.

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