Kumkum Bhagya Nov 14, 2017 full part created update: Pragya wins and gets behind in a house

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Episode starts with lady military warning Abhi that Pragya will stay here only, if someone tries to mistreat her afterwards she’ll detain everybody in a house. On conference police’s warning, Dadi advices Abhi to leave Pragya’s hand. Abhi follows Dadi’s recommendation and leaves Pragya’s palm and goes to his room. Lady military tells Pragya to call her whenever she is in trouble. Pragya interjection her for assisting her.

Pragya thinks that she is doing all this for Abhi and once he knows her truth, he’ll conclude her. Abhi talks to Pragya’s fondle and says because Munni is fighting for this. While Abhi is articulate to Pragya’s toy, Dadi comes to Abhi’s room and calms him by observant that this is not a right time, they’ll quarrel for a law when a scold time comes. Pragya interjection NGO ladies and they leave a house.

Pragya goes to Tannu and Alia’s room and threatens them that she is not going to leave this residence and she has a support from women classification and police. Pragya continues her hazard by observant that if they’ll do anything wrong with her kids afterwards she’ll surprise military about it.

While Pragya comes from Alia’s room she sees Dadi following Abhi and interlude him from withdrawal a house. Abhi says to Dadi he’ll feel improved once he gets a uninformed atmosphere and leaves a house. Pragya thinks that holding Dadi’s blessings will assistance her in winning and safeguarding Abhi from danger. Pragya touches Dadi’s feet and Dadi tells Pragya that she is going to strengthen her family from her.

While Abhi is going somewhere in his car, a lady whose face is lonesome with black cloth follows Abhi and talks to herself that she is not going to leave Abhi and mistreat him.

On a other side, Pragya is sitting in her room meditative about regretful moments common with Abhi and strain plays “Main phir bhi tumko chahungi”.

Alia discusses with Tannu because Munni came behind in a house. Alia says it is transparent that she doesn’t wish something from Abhi’s property.

Abhi comes to his room and sees Pragya resting on his bed. On saying Pragya sleeping, Abhi wakes her adult and asks her what is she doing in his room. Pragya tells this is her room. Abhi asks her to leave his room. Pragya answers Abhi that she is not going anywhere and if he tries to disagree with her afterwards she’ll call a police.

They both start dividing their stuff. When Pragya leaves a room, Purab comes infront of her and says he’ll always support her and he knows there is something wrong.

Pragya thinks to herself that when no one supports her there is usually one chairman that is Purab who’ll always support her and mount by her. Abhi drinks in his residence and thinks about police’s warning to him.

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