Kumkum Bhagya 8th Jan 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhi accuses Simonicka of being an imposter

Kumkum Bhagya  starts with Simonicka seeking her goon to go and mount outward Khan Chacha’s residence and asks him to kill Khan if he tries informing Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) Abhi reaches his room to find Pragya(Sriti Jha) there. He is happy he does not have to hunt around and he will now hunt for a mole immediately. Pragya asks him if a guitar is ready. Abhi starts his contention as Pragya gets irritated. Abhi thinks that he should not annoy her as he has to hunt for a mole on a back. She starts checking a guitar while he is bustling checking her behind in vain. Pragya asks him what he is upto and he tells her that he wants to play a strain for her and he picks adult a guitar while she says no. He anyways takes her into his arms and plays a guitar. Simonicka enters happily though shortly hears a guitar personification and she remembers Khan revelation her that he is not certain when a blast will happen. It can occur anytime. She starts going when Dadi asks her to go and get AbhiGya for dinner. She resists though Dadi army her to go.(Also Read: Abhi is on a goal to hunt for a mole on Pragya’s body)

Abhi throws something on a building and asks Pragya to collect it up. He is roughly prepared to pierce Pragya’s saree and demeanour for a mole when Simonicka barges in. Abhi is mad as he lashes out during Simonicka and asks her who accurately is she and that she is his rivalry who is perplexing to apart him from Pragya. Pragya is confused during Abhi’s anger. Abhi asks Simonicksa if she has not learnt to hit befor entering someone’s room. Pragay somehow manages to ease Abhi and asks Simonicka to relax. Abhi and Pragay travel divided when Simonicks thinks that Abhi can roar all he likes though she will quieten him shortly adequate with a guitar. Abhi again and again tries to sight behind Pragya as she gets some-more and some-more puzzled about his behaviour. Pragya creates him travel infront of her as she is doubtful. Disha and Purab vigilance Abhi opposite a table. Abhi says that he has been disaster during anticipating a mole. Aliya sees Purab and Disha murmur and gets all raw as she stabs her plate. Dasi too notices Disha and Purab in love. Dadi wants halwa and Pragya asks her not to eat it. Abhi again tries to sight behind Pragya and she catches him. Later Disha gets an thought abd asks Purab to dump something on Pragya so she has to change her dress and they would afterwards send Abhi behind her to a room.

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