Kumkum Bhagya 4 Oct 2017 full part created update: Pragya gets a paper sealed by Abhi

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Munni looks for her chutka chutki in a propagandize though she can’t find them. Pragya calls her and asks her about the chutka chutki. She asks Munni to not lax hope. Pragya warns her about Aaliya’s. She reveals how Aaliya designed her final pierce and how she is insane during everybody and wants to hurt everyone. Pragya assures her that she will not let Aaliya know that she isn’t Munni. Munni interjection her as she is saving her children from Aaliya and during a same time apologizes to Pragya for putting Abhi’s skill during stake.

Munni feels bad and says to Pragya not to worry about children as she will find some approach or she will find them by herself when Munni drops her phone and breaks it. Pragya’s call gets divided and afterwards Mitali enters into a room and sees Pragya job munni on her phone. Mitali asks her who is Munni. Pragya gets tensed and thinks of how she can dope her. Pragya tells Mitali that she is a one of a kids who had taken caring of her while she was divided from her family and leaves a room.

Aaliya sends Pragya to Abhi for removing a pointer from Abhi on skill send papers.

Abhi is sitting with his Dadi. Pragya goes to him with coffee and Abhi says to Dadi that it is some kind of sorcery that she brings him coffee though even seeking for it. Dadi says there is zero like sorcery though it is Pragya’s adore for him.

While Pragya is meditative if she should make Abhi pointer those papers or not, Aaliya and Tannu are eyeing her. Aaliya signals her to get a signature and afterwards Pragya gives a papers to Abhi. While Abhi is about to pointer those papers, Pragya stops him from signing those papers and tells Abhi to check coop before signing that paper. While Pragya was meditative how to stop him from signing that paper, Aaliya was forgetful about her punish and how Abhi is apropos a dope since of his umbrella adore for Pragya and how she is regulating it opposite him.

Abhi creates Pragya lay beside her and Pragya asks him to review a papers before signing though Abhi refuses her and says that these papers are given by Rishabh and so there is no need of looking during these papers.

Pragya is still meditative how she can destroy a papers before reaching Aaliya and thinks of spilling coffee on them though unexpected Tannu stops her by holding her hand.

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