Kristen Stewart ‘Twilight’ Regrets: Worst Mistake Ever?

Kristen Stewart 'Twilight' Regrets: Worst Mistake Ever?

Kristen Stewart regrets starring in a “Twilight” movies? Did Kristen unequivocally contend usurpation a purpose of Bella was a misfortune mistake she’s ever made? During a new podcast interview, Stewart was asked to give some recommendation to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” singer Daisy Ridley [Rey]. Kristen fundamentally told Daisy to suffer a luminary – and when it isn’t fun anymore concentration on something else. During a interview, Stewart reflected on her possess career, observant “Twilight” was some “cool baggage.”

That’s what Kristen had to contend publicly, though a companion told Naughty Gossip that Stewart regrets ever removing concerned in a “Twilight” saga. Apparently, Kristen Stewart confided in this companion and pronounced that creation a cinema was a biggest mistake of her whole life.

“Twilight” was a biggest mistake of K-Stew’s whole life? Having an event with a married “Snow White and a Huntsman” executive Rupert Sanders wasn’t a outrageous mistake? Covering adult a event by sanctimonious to be besties with Sanders’s mother Liberty Ross wasn’t a ginormous blunder in judgment? Stewart doesn’t consider violation adult a family should validate for a biggest mistake, biggest regret?

Robert Pattinson behaved like a loyal lady when that liaison blew far-reaching open. Everyone likes Pattinson, everybody was resolutely Team R-Patz when K-Stew’s event with a really married Rupert Sanders was exposed. Humiliating Robert Pattinson isn’t during a tip of a “that was a biggest mistake of my life” list?

If it weren’t for “Twilight,” Stewart substantially wouldn’t have found any success and have achieved a kind of resources she enjoys. The tale put K-Stew on a Hollywood radar. Which is why, a crony divulged, Kristen has never publicly pronounced anything disastrous about a “Twilight” movies. “[Kristen] doesn’t wish to seem ungrateful.” Does it get most phonier than that?

Unconfirmed sources might explain Kristen Stewart didn’t tell a buddy, pal, friend, insider that “Twilight” was her biggest mistake – biggest regret, whatever Kristen wants to call it. But a singer certain did do a lot of articulate in circles during that podcast interview.

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