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During a ‘KUWTK’ special, Kim suggested she had feelings for Kanye West while married to ex Kris Humphries. has schooled EXCLUSIVELY Kris is NOT fine with that.

The Keeping Up with a Kardashians 10 year anniversary special that aired on Sept. 24 was full of large moments — some nicer than others. While it was unequivocally honeyed when Kim Kardashian, 36, told a story of how she fell in adore with father Kanye West, 40, we were repelled by a explanation that she might have felt some things for him while still married to Kris Humphries, 32. Whoa. So, obviously, we have to consternation how Kris, Kim’s prior hubby, feels about this. Well, an insider told us a answer is: not great. Click here to see pics of Kim and Kris.

“Kris feels like his ex Kim played him and was not honest about their love,” a source tighten to a baller told EXCLUSIVELY. “Kris feels like if Kim unequivocally had feelings for Kanye, or any other male while they were together, afterwards Kim should have been upfront and not dark a law about her emotions or intentions. Kris feels upset, and tricked now that he knows a law about Kim and Kanye. More than anything, Kris only wishes that Kim did not secrete information from him so that he could have done some-more well-informed decisions about his destiny and their relationship.”

Kim non-stop adult about her early attribute with Kanye and how they were “talking” right before she married Kris. But things didn’t indeed get critical compartment after they pennyless up. “[Kanye] and we were articulate and we were friends. After my breakup, we was feeling unequivocally low,” Kim said. “He put on a conform uncover in Paris only to get a date with me, and that’s when we started dating. The impulse we landed there, we fell madly in adore with him. we was like, this is genuine life and adore and fun and genuine support.”

HollywoodLifers, what do we consider of Kris’ greeting to Kim’s feelings for destiny hubby Kanye? Do we consider they are justified? Let us know below!

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