Kourtney Kardashian Hook-Up with Justin Bieber: Leaves Nightclub with Biebs After Full-Frontal Pics – Scott Disick Revenge?

Kourtney Kardashian Hook-Up with Justin Bieber: Leaves Nightclub with Biebs After Full-Frontal Pics - Scott Disick Revenge?

Was it those epic full-frontal pics of Justin Bieber that tempted mom of 3 Kourtney Kardashian? Or was it Kourtney’s distrurbance that douchey ex Scott Disick is banging a chicky half Kourtney’s age? Whatever a reason, we are amatory that Kourtney Kardashian left a nightclub with barely-legal Justin Bieber and hung out with him until a diminutive hours of Saturday morning. Talk about a punish play! Scott Disick has to be working during Kourtney’s high-profile hook-up.

To supplement salt to a wound of Kourtney’s late night adore compare with a Biebs – Scott Disick was only dissed by 18 year aged galpal Lindsay Vrckovnik. Despite Scott tweeting pics of he and Canadian indication Lindsay implying they’re an item, she’s revelation people he’s only a unfortunate comparison dude trotting around after her anticipating for bits of attention.

What’s also creepy is that Lindsay Vrckovnik only graduated in a category of 2015 – like Kourtney’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner. On a and side, during slightest Vrckovnik graduated from a genuine high school, distinct barely-literate cosmetic procession addict Kylie Jenner.

Perhaps Kourtney Kardashian’s is only following in her momager’s footsteps… After all, 59 year aged Kris Jenner is banging 34 year aged Corey Gamble – that’s a 25 year age difference. Between Kourtney and a Biebs, by comparison, there’s a partially meagre 15 year age disproportion – Kourtney is 36 to Bieber’s 21. And sky knows, Kourtney has never shown sound visualisation when it comes to group – she was, after all, concerned with Scott Disick for scarcely a decade.

But if Kourtney and Bieber are a thing, is Kourt acid for Scott Disick chronicle 2.0? Justin Bieber’s new nudie paparazzi shot uncover an considerable bit of manhood, though that’s a same bit of strength a Biebs likes to whip out to pee in mop buckets… Bieber has a hard-partying credentials many like Scott Disick. It seems like Kourtney has a type. Blondish, check. Douchey, check. Younger, check. Party hound, check. Cheater, check. Wow. Maybe it’s not so peculiar that Kourtney took adult with Justin Bieber.

Alternately, Kourtney might not be hooking adult with Justin, though could only be waging a amicable media fight of coming to demeanour like she’s carrying some-more fun than Disick and make her baby daddy jealous. What would yield adult Scott Disick’s craw some-more than Kourtney hooking adult with a male 11 years younger than him, improved looking, some-more successful and impressively hung? Sure Scott’s unresolved with a Canadian model, though Kourtney is out with a many famous immature male on a face of a planet.

What should also disquiet Scott Disick is that Justin Bieber has been seen unresolved around his and Kourtney’s kids. Bieber is tighten to Kourtney’s younger sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, and Apparently Mason Disick is a fan of a immature singer.

A few months ago, Justin Bieber tweeted photos of him unresolved with Kourt’s kids. Then final night, Justin Bieber Instagrammed a print of he and Kourtney during Universal Studios Halloween Nights. Biebs is positively not denying they’re spending time together.

So either this was only an dusk of unresolved out with a family crony or something many some-more engaging stays to be seen. Given a transparent disproportion in star energy between Justin Bieber and Lindsay Vrckovnik, we can really contend this: a measure is Kourtney Kardashian 1, Scott Disick 0. Good fitness Scott Disick…

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