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Go home, Alexa. You’re scaring people.

Over a past week, many owners of a Amazon Echo are claiming their accessible practical partner has been creeping them out with pointless fits of weird laughter.

Twitter and Reddit users have been stating this alarming, “witch-like” crow entrance from their inclination — infrequently plain or as a weird response to requests to spin off a lights.

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Others are citing even worse function from *Evil Alexa*, including their inclination whistling(!), reciting a clarification of “please” in response to a command(!!), and even apparently inventory off internal cemeteries(!!?).

Amazon responded to a deviant function in a matter to The Verge, observant a association is “aware of this and operative to repair it.” Maybe only unplug (and BURN) all your echos until then, yeah?

Take a demeanour (below) review a unsettling reports and hear a immorality Alexa delight for yourself!

[Image around Amazon.]

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