Kit Harington Reveals ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Will Be A ‘Bloodbath’: Major Characters Will Fall

After a many epic ‘Game of Thrones’ mellow perfection (and presumably best partial ever) on Aug. 27, we can’t suspect what a final mellow will be like. But Kit Harington is already teasing it as full of death!

Kit Harington, 30, thinks that a mellow 7 perfection of Game of Thrones, “The Dragon and a Wolf,” was definitely amazing, and not customarily given Jon Snow (or Aegon Targaryen) FINALLY got it on with Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). “I cruise it’s one of a best episodes of Game of Thrones I’ve seen,” Kit told a sister site, Deadline, of tonight’s, Aug. 27, finale. “It’s got a bit of everything, it fits with a season, and it also fits with Thrones in general, and we venerate it.” But, he’s already got his eyes on a successive season, and is assuring fans that GoT will unquestionably go out with a bang, not with a whimper. Though Kit doesn’t know exactly what happens nonetheless — a ban will shortly be stealing together to do a read-through for a final episodes — he knows it’s “got to finish with some vicious fighting.” Click here to see pics of a mellow 7 finale.


“You have to assume that that Army of a Dead is going to take a little while to get south, nonetheless we customarily don’t know,” Kit said, clear about how the Night King brought down The Wall with his new White Walker-version of Viserion in a finale. “So it’s a hurt of an perfection given it’s a thing that we’ve all been sharp for, they’re now south of a Wall.” Kit is unquestionably stern about a fact that GoT “always had to finish big, and if we can do that, if we can lift it off, not with some tricks-y storytelling, nonetheless with some unquestionably kind of big, in-your-face film stuff, that with all a characters given there are so few left.” Of impetus that means we’re not going to have all a faves around for unquestionably enlarged successive mellow and we competence have very, very few left by a end. “And a thing is, with so few characters left, they (the viewers) should get used to and get prepared for successive year is Thrones returning to form and murdering a sure characters quickly,” Kit added. “They’re going to go, and they’re going to go fast, and we cruise that a bonus of a characters not being in good jeopardy this year will be that, successive year, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

The hunky actor who owes his career to a HBO array is expecting that fans are happy with a finale, and prepared to go into a final mellow — even nonetheless they have to wait cell 2019! “I wish this ends it for them in a penultimate in a right way,” he told Deadline. “I cruise this has been a lot of like holding of whisper this season, a lot of kind of vast volume of adrenaline that they’ve left through, some-more so than most. You know, usually, there’s a lot of around-the-table clear and little cogs, behind cogs relocating into place. That’s what we’re used to from Thrones. Then out of nowhere, we strike them with this very, very, unquestionably fast-paced, impossibly adrenaline-filled mellow where everybody meets, and a lot of things happen, and a dragons go batshit crazy.” “I wish that instead of it being a behind drum coaster, we cruise that they’ll have enjoyed a speed that it’s picked adult on, and thereafter they’ll now know what they’re in for for a final one,” he added. “They’ll now be used to this Thrones, that is a rather different Thrones, nonetheless one where it always had to end. It had to finish on this vast level.”


HollywoodLifers, are we looking contemptuous to Game of Thrones season 8? What are we many intense to see happen? Who do we wish to sequence a Seven Kingdoms? Let us know below!

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