Kirk Frost: Baby Mama Needs Paternity Proof Before Getting Child Support

Kirk Frost might be in a midst of an purported intrigue scandal, though his reported baby mama, Jasmine Washington, is going to need a small some-more explanation than only her word to get him to cough adult child support. EXCLUSIVELY schooled what she has to do next..

There’s one certain thing that will indefinitely infer that Love Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost, 47, is or isn’t a father of Jasmine Washington’s 6-month-old child, Kannon Mekhi Washington — and that’s a paternity test. Jasmine has left open with her claims that Kirk is allegedly a father of her child. However, she hasn’t showed any other proof, aside from a story where he allegedly upheld her financially. Multiple reports explain that she’s sued him in sardonic justice docs, though a docs are no where to be found. So, we went right to a source.

Here’s what could be subsequent for Jasmine and Kirk: “Before Jasmine can record a petition for child support, she initial needs to have Kirk take a paternity test to establish if he’s a biological father,” Family Attorney, Lauren Feingold tells EXCLUSIVELY. “In sequence to do this, she needs to get a justice systematic paternity test for Kirk,” where she says is flattering easy to obtain. “The court will possibly send him instructions of where to go or they come to him,” for a test.

How will a paternity exam go down? — “He will many expected take a spit test,” Feingold reveals. Then, he should have a outcome within only “48 hours.” And, final though not least; If Kirk proves to be a biological father, Feingold says, “He will be systematic by a justice to give child support,” something that a justice “takes unequivocally seriously.” Yikes. 

Reports have been swirling that Kirk has had a baby mom for utterly some time now. In fact, Joseline Hernandez, 30, even suggested that Kirk had a reported intrigue with a side chicky who was not his wife, Rasheeda, 34, before a news even broke. She claimed that Kirk had a baby with a “stripper,” when she seemed on The Real in Jan. 2017.

Well, sh-t unequivocally strike a fan on a Mar 6 premiere of Love Hip Hop Atlanta deteriorate 6, when Jasmine indeed seemed in a episode! She claimed to Karlie Redd, 38, and Yung Joc, 33, that Kirk was her baby daddy. And, Kirk denied a whole thing and even claimed that they’d never met. However, he ran right to Rasheeda to explain himself before anyone else could get to her. Interestingly enough, Kirk claimed to his mother that he knew Jasmine from a frame club. Hmm, was Joseline right?

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Jasmine allegedly filed justice docs opposite Kirk in Jan. 2017, where she claimed that he upheld her financially and even gave her a car. However, when she reportedly dumped him, that’s when he allegedly cut her off financially. Jasmine reportedly has profits for all of this too. Another news on Mar 9, claimed that he “abandoned” she and her son. So, what’s unequivocally going on here?

While Jasmine’s story stays a tangled web, what we do know is that Kirk’s wife, Rasheeda, is adhering by his side by all of this. Like EXCLUSIVELY told you, “Rasheeda’s adhering adult for Kirk.” Well, during slightest we know that LHHATL season 6 will be one for a books…

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Kirk is a father of Jasmine’s child?