‘Kingdom’ Star on "Bittersweet" Win: "I’ve Gone Through Hell and Back"

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Wednesday’s partial of Kingdom, “Living Down.”]

Jay Kulina (Jonathan Tucker) lives life in a extremes on DirecTV’s Kingdom, and a day of his vast pretension quarrel was no different.

After brutally dropping down a full weight class, losing 30 pounds while still training for a biggest quarrel of his career so far, Jay finally achieved his suspicion and won a belt. After a fight, his father Alvey (Frank Grillo) showed Jay some-more love and honour than viewers have ever seen from a duo, and he betrothed Jay that he could now quarrel Ryan (Matt Lauria) with his full permission. Jay is finally removing all he ever wanted.

And afterwards in a final moments of a episode, his recuperating addict mom Christina (Joanna Going) relapsed and overdosed on heroin. Jay spent all of deteriorate one assisting his mom go by withdrawal, relocating her into his home and examination over her like a hawk in his possess form of rehab. He even shot adult heroin in front of her a few episodes ago to reason adult a counterpart to her possess actions when it became transparent that she was regulating again. But it was all in vain, as he’s going to find out in subsequent week’s season-two finale.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Tucker about Jay’s appearing tab after his vast win, what it was like carrying to dump a weight in genuine life and more.

Watching Jay finally win his pretension quarrel felt so earned. He worked so tough for it, generally after that heartless 30-pound weight cut. Did we have to remove that weight in genuine life, too?

Oh, yes. Tom Hanks can't have a successful That Thing You Do movie unless a song, “That Thing You Do,” is catchy. Audiences are unequivocally smart. You can’t feign losing weight. It’s so many of my story this season. The final 4 or 5 episodes revolve around losing that weight and we have to see it. There’s no other approach to truthfully and respectfully put adult a counterpart to fighting though losing those pounds.

What was that like?

It was not a pleasing experience. (Laughs.) I am terribly blissful it’s over. Although we consider my mom competence be even some-more happy that it’s over. There were a lot of reasons given we had to remove that weight, though a many critical was for fighters to have that partial of a fighting knowledge authentically portrayed. It’s such an immersive knowledge holding on this role, like no other purpose I’ve ever played before. There’s a diet, a earthy aspect of it, and a impression is so abounding and low that we never truly shun him. It’s a 24-hour job. I’m vital Jay’s life.

As of right now, Jay doesn’t know that Christina overdosed. So how’s he feeling in a arise of his win?

It feels like I’ve left by ruin and back. It’s hapless that a male who calls himself my father asked me to make this earthy scapegoat rather than seeking me to understanding in a suggestive approach with my addictions to a wounds that he’s caused within a family. It was utterly easy for him to ask for this health scapegoat though has been so demure to acknowledge his possess demons and afflictions. But ultimately, this transformation towards piety on my part, this earthy step retrograde and down in weight, has authorised me to take a unequivocally vast step brazen spiritually. That’s been Jay’s whole arc this season, training humility. we wish that was reflected in my debate when we won.

It was, given if Jay had won that quarrel in deteriorate one, his debate would have been all ego and showboating. This time around it was to uncover his genuine thankfulness for all a people who got him there. It was relocating to see how distant Jay has come given final season.

Exactly. I’ve schooled so many about quarrel sports from this role. The many startling thing is a genuine kindness, care and intercourse that is in MMA between fighters and coaches. There is a clarity where we have both sacrificed, we and I, before even walking into this holy space, this cage. When we go to battle, we are doing it in a clarity of togetherness and communion that no one else can knowledge given they haven’t left by a credentials that is compulsory to enter into this space. As shortly as that enclosure closes, a ego has to be put aside given you’re confronting another tellurian being who has left by a same crucible we have. At this point, there’s no some-more showboating, no some-more grandstanding, zero new we can learn. You have been in a foxhole and now it’s over before we even fight. And that was a warn for me to learn. Jay has finally grown that clarity of humility.

That is intensely applicable now that Jay finally got accede from Alvey to quarrel Ryan. Do we consider pitting a dual friends opposite any other is a good idea, or do we consider it competence repairs their friendship?

I don’t consider it can harm them in a prolonged run. But you’re never unequivocally fighting anyone else. The usually diversion you’re personification is opposite yourself and for yourself. That’s what will concede a loyalty to continue in annoy of this fight.

It was distressing to watch Christina use again after Jay did heroin in front of her. It seemed like he frightened her adequate to stop. Were we astounded that she kept regulating after that?

Yes, we was. But one of a many delightful things about Jay is that he is oftentimes a counterpart to so many other characters, and he oftentimes is a one holding a counterpart in front of other characters. Addiction is a relentless, determined savage that is stalking so many of a people on Kingdom, and for Christina, it was heroin.

It was also, honestly, flattering intolerable how good Jay bounced behind from using, given he has such an addictive celebrity when it comes to other drugs and vices. Were we ever shaken that Jay was going to get dependant to heroin like his mother?

Actually, we was. There’s a stage entrance adult where I’m throwing divided her heroin and we put a tiny bit in my mouth and my gums and we call a tiny bit. But afterwards we pierce on. It’s this tiny small scene, though as an actor, we was wondering, did we like that? Will that come behind to haunt me? Will that uncover adult in destiny episodes? It’s a tiny seed that creates we consternation if it will rise and grow after as a seasons go on. And during a hiatus, we talked with [series creator] Byron [Balasco], and we was like, “I consider we unequivocally favourite that call of heroin.” And he was like, “Oh yes, approbation we did.” So your fear is good earned.

How is Jay going to conflict to training about Christina’s OD?

It’s that feeling of a vinculum being torn, a flesh being overstretched. It’s a feeling that something is not utterly right. Maybe we should compensate a tiny closer courtesy to what’s function in a conditions that we suspicion we already had a good hold on. It’s a smelling salt. Addicts know addicts, and mostly times we know that a usually angels in a lives are a ones who tighten a doors on us. There’s usually so many compose that Jay has to offer a wounds that he has been perplexing to heal. This win will be bittersweet for him.

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