Kim Kardashian Postpartum Nightmare – Kanye West Obsessed with Saint West – New Parents Fighting Constantly?

Kim Kardashian Postpartum Nightmare – Kanye West Obsessed with Saint West – New Parents Fighting Constantly?

Kim Kardashian is experiencing a postpartum nightmare. Kanye West is allegedly spooky with baby Saint West and a new relatives are fighting all a time. No one has ever indicted Kanye of following a pack. But West might have given new definition to peculiar function after a birth of his son. There are claims that not prolonged after Saint’s birth on Dec 5 Kanye took a baby child and lifted a small one high above his head. A family source pronounced it was “exactly like a commencement of ‘The Lion King.”

All of Kanye’s courtesy was focused on Saint even yet Kim was in unimaginable pain following a small guy’s birth. Did Kanye notice? According to sources, West forgot Kim was even in a birthing suite. Kanye told everybody that a newest further to a family is a soothsayer sent down by late mom Donda West to broach law to a world. Kayne believes Saint West is a pharaoh.

When it came to fixing a baby, an insider suggested that Kanye didn’t let Kim have any submit whatsoever. West reportedly is still mad that Kim didn’t give him any submit in fixing daughter North West – Kanye wanted a couple’s daughter named after his late mother. Kanye totally overruled Kim’s name choice this time around. Kim wanted to name a child Robert to respect her late father.

Talk about selfish! Kanye was allegedly mad that there was any contention during all about a newborn’s name. West “stormed out of a room and left Kim alone for hours,” those in a know told In Touch. Already carrying a postpartum meltdown, Kim grudgingly concluded to call a couple’s baby child Saint usually to tighten Kanye up. A crony of a family says that Kim and Kanye are fighting all a time and it’s puzzled that a integrate will “make it into a new year.” It’s not usually over a baby’s name – there are countless problems in a marriage.

If Kanye West stormed out on Kim Kardashian not prolonged after a “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star gave birth to a couple’s second child, things can usually get worse from there, right? Sources tighten to a family suggested that Kim is staid during home with baby Saint though is impressed by postpartum baby blues, freaking out about losing a 60+ pounds gained during a pregnancy, and petrified her matrimony to Kanye West is O-V-E-R.

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