Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: The Special Meaning Behind Their Baby’s Name, ‘Saint’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced on Dec. 7 that their new son is named ‘Saint,’ though only EXCLUSIVELY found out because a name is so sentimental. Here’s what we know!

Oh my gosh, Kim Kardashian, 35, and Kanye West, 38, named their baby son “Saint” for a many darling reason ever! found out EXCLUSIVELY what a nauseating definition was behind a name choice. Find out what it is, here!

It’s not intolerable that someone who has a strain called “I Am A God” and gave himself a nickname Yeezus would name his son “Saint,” though it’s not utterly what we think. Turns out, a logic behind Kim and Kanye’s new son’s moniker is most some-more heartwarming than pretentious. “One of a reasons Kim and Kanye went with a name ‘Saint’ is that it goes ideally with a center name they chose, ‘Robert’,” someone tighten to a new relatives told EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim has always deliberate her father to be a saint. So Saint Robert is ideal!” You can buy Kim’s book Selfish RIGHT HERE on Amazon. 

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“Robert,” along with being Kim’s brother’s name, was also a name of her late father. Robert Kardashian passed divided in 2003, when Kim was only 23. She was impossibly tighten with her dad, as were all of her sisters, even after his divorce from their mom Kris. So, it’s no warn that she would wish to respect him in such a large way. We already suspicion Saint was a super cute singular name, though now we’re even some-more spooky with it. We can’t wait to watch a small man grow up, only like his large sister North!

What do we think, HollywoodLifers? Is Saint a ideal name for Kim and Kanye’s baby now that we know their nauseating reason, or are we not a fan? Let us know!