Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Baby: He Didn’t Want To Pick Name For Son Until He Saw Him

While we don’t have a name nonetheless for baby child West, there’s a good reason. can EXCLUSIVELY news that Kanye West didn’t wish to select a name for his small child until he looked during him for a initial time!

Proud new daddy Kanye West, 38, knows that bestowing a name on his usually son is going to be a monumental task! He and mother Kim Kardashian, 35, had clashed before their baby’s birth on a fixing process, but can EXCLUSIVELY tell we how Kanye will confirm on what to name his changed boy.

“Kim wanted to confirm on a name before a small one was born, but Kanye was like no way, absolutely not. He pronounced he had to demeanour into his baby son’s eyes before he could quietly select a name from a list they have,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Kanye even pronounced that if nothing of a names on a list worked, they would go with a totally new one. He was austere that he had to see his child before he picked a name. They were unequivocally during contingency with any other over what to name their son,” a source continues.

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As we EXCLUSIVELY reported before a baby’s arrival, “The whole family is weighing in on what they consider a baby should be named. Kanye finally put his feet down and pronounced he doesn’t wish a theme of baby names mentioned in his participation or he will leave a room!” a insider told us. Wow, he is unequivocally holding a fixing routine super seriously!

Our source combined that Kris Jenner “had been revelation Kayne that his hesitancy was stressing Kim out and that she can’t means to be stressed out since it’s bad for her and a baby. Kanye finally put his feet down and pronounced he didn’t wish a theme of baby names mentioned in his presence. Kanye felt like Kris unequivocally indispensable to mind her possess business. ” Buy Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 11 by clicking here.

We can’t wait to see what name a integrate comes adult with. After all, no one approaching they would indeed name their daughter North West, and they didn’t even give her a center name. We’re certain with Kanye’s extravagantly artistic mind, he’s going to come adult with something that will blow us away! We only wish he lets Kim have copiousness of contend in a matter, after all she carried their small one for 9 months.

HollywoodLifers, share your guesses during what Kanye and Kim competence name their new son in a comments below!