Kim Kardashian Feels Taylor Swift Is Trying To ‘Bully’ Her With ‘Petty’ New ‘LWYMMD’ Video

Old Taylor Swift is upheld – yet is a new one a bully? Kim Kardashian thinks so, as EXCLUSIVELY scholastic Kim thinks Tay needs to find something softened to do than collect on her and Kanye West!


Taylor Swift, 27, competence have scored a bit of retaliate on Kim Kardashian, 36, and Kanye West, 40, with her explosve “Look What You Made Me Do” video. However, to Kim, all Taylor did was infer how many a “bully” she thinks Tay is. Kim feels she and Kanye “ do not consequence to be thesis of such gibe from a gloat like Taylor,” a Kardashian family insider EXCLUSIVELY told Sure, Kim wasn’t going to be a fan of a video, what with all a shade Taylor throws during a KUWTK star. Yet, after observant it, Kim thinks that Taylor needs to check her priorities.


“Kim feels Taylor’s video is immature, petty, classless,” a insider tells, “and with so many some-more vicious things duty in a world, a video has bad timing.” Well, with Texas underwater and neo-Nazis marching in a streets, maybe it’s not a right incentive for Taylor – or anyone – to try and collect a cocktail note fight? If it does seem supernatural that Kim Kardashian would be some-more involved with a struggles of other people than her possess drama, remember – Kim and her family donated $500,000 dollars to a victims of Hurricane Harvey. It seems Ms. Kardashian-West is putting her income where her mouth is.

Still, that doesn’t meant Kim wasn’t dissapoint during Taylor for clearly scathing her Oct. 2016 Paris robbery. In a “LWYMMD” video, Taylor bathes in a cylinder full of diamonds while signing about someone’s “perfect crime.” Some have taken this as a slight during Kim’s terrifying robbery, that has left Kim feeling furious. Kim thinks that Taylor presumably origination fun of a break-in is going too far, a source EXCLUSIVELY told

If Kim thinks Taylor is bullying her, is Ms. Kardashian-West going to acclaim behind and get a bit of payback of her own? She and Kanye are reportedly over this feud and are prepared to pierce on with their lives. Yet, with so many fans trolling Kim (the same proceed they trolled Taylor after Kim common a execrable “Famous” phone call video) Kim is “torn” between rising above a loathing and clapping back. Kim competence tighten down this “bully,” yet when she responds to Taylor, an insider EXCLUSIVELY tells that it will be in a “careful, distributed way.”

It doesn’t seem like this evidence is over, HollywoodLifers. What do we think? Do we cruise Taylor is being a “bully?” Do we cruise that Kim should respond or leave Taylor alone?

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