Kim Kardashian ‘Didn’t Respond Well during First’ to Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy News: Source

When Kylie Jenner told Kim Kardashian West that she is pregnant with her initial child, it took some time for a elder sister to get vehement about a news, a source tells PEOPLE.

“Her initial greeting was, ‘Seriously?’” a source tighten to Kardashian West tells PEOPLE. “She didn’t respond good during first. It’s like she and Kanye had left on this whole tour to get profound for months, and now this happens to Kylie. She teared up. It unequivocally took a lot of time for her to routine it.”

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Kardashian and West, who are awaiting their third child after employing a surrogate to assistance them enhance their family, were primarily dumbfounded by a news.

“It came out of nowhere,” a source says. “It was a final thing on their radar. Kylie is only 20 and hasn’t been with [boyfriend Travis Scott] for unequivocally long. So no one saw this coming.”

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“Of march Kim is happy for Kylie,” a source continues. “She’s going to support Kylie 100 percent, no matter what. There’s never been any doubt about that. But it’s only a uncanny dynamic, after all that Kim did to intentionally have another child. It has taken a lot of time, appetite and income for her to get pregnant, and now Kylie is carrying a baby around a same time.”

Because Jenner’s attribute with Scott is so new, a family is being carefully confident about him.

“They don’t know him too well,” a source says. “They only wish to make certain that this isn’t a Blac Chyna situation. Kylie is so immature and everybody is fearful that she could get unequivocally hurt.”

(Chyna, 29, has a contentious relationship with Jenner’s hermit Rob Kardashian, 30, as they co-parent 10-month-old daughter Dream.)

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
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Now that a initial startle has ragged off, a source says that Kardashian West is focused on a fact that there will be a new baby in a family — and that her third child will have a new cousin.

“This is eventually unequivocally good news, since it’s a new life,” a source says. “They comprehend that.”

“The babies will be a same age, and will substantially be unequivocally close,” a source adds. “Family is all for a Kardashians, so they’re going to concentration on these new kids in a family. Everyone is honestly happy.”