Kim Dotcom demos micro-payment use to assistance stop piracy

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Kim Dotcom has launched a bitcoin-based micro-payments use to assistance people monetise their content

Internet businessman Kim Dotcom has demonstrated a new micro-payments use that is designed to let people assign tiny amounts of income for any calm they create.

Bitcache will let users make and accept Bitcoin payments.

Mr Dotcom is now fighting extradition to a US to mount hearing for copyright transgression and fraud.

He pronounced a height will revoke online robbery by vouchsafing people compensate for calm from anywhere in a world.


The thought behind Bitcache is to spin any record uploaded to a height into a possess “shop”.

Creators can upload any form of calm to a use – such as a video, a song, images or mechanism formula – and afterwards select how many income they wish to charge.

That can be anything from $1 (£0.77) up. Bitcache will assistance to discharge a record opposite record storage websites, swell sites and village file-sharing sites.

Even if a record is downloaded mixed times, it is encrypted and can't be non-stop unless a user pays a compulsory volume of money.

The service, that will eventually embody a web browser prolongation and a mobile app, would also let media organisations, YouTube vloggers and bloggers to accept micro-payments from viewers.

So for example, when reading an online newspaper, examination videos on YouTube or reading a recipe, users could press a symbol on a page and compensate a few cents for any square of calm they consume, regulating their Bitcache wallet.

Crowdfunded investment

Over $1m was lifted on crowdfunding investment height Bank To The Future in Oct 2016 to account Bitcache, that is still underneath development.

The demo went live on Tuesday, and 185,000 requests were perceived seeking for access, though usually 10,000 invitations were sent out.

The use is set to launch in mid-to-late 2018.

The Bitcache plan has so distant perceived a lot of support from users on Twitter.

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We uploaded a word request record to exam a demo out

Mr Dotcom, a owner of content-sharing website Megaupload, pronounced his record will capacitate copyright holders to benefit some-more income by creation their calm permitted in many countries.

He thinks this would act as a halt to robbery for people who are peaceful to compensate for content, though are now incompetent to get it from firms such as Netflix or Apple.

Using bitcoin would let people make unknown payments quickly, though a record is not geared adult to make millions of payments a minute.

Bitcache was built to let this many exchange be achieved during speed.

“Content mostly becomes accessible in one place in a world, and when people are peaceful to pay, and they try to, they get a summary that a calm is not accessible in their country,” Mr Dotcom told a BBC.

“I consider a resolution to a robbery problem is to offer calm globally during a same time, during a same price.

“There will always be people who will bandit calm – we can’t stop that, though we can get to all a people who have a income to compensate for content, though have no approach to entrance it. That’s about $10bn value of income that is only being left on a side.”

Ernesto outpost der Sar, editor of robbery news website TorrentFreak, told a BBC:

“I consider Bitcache could assistance eccentric artists to widespread their work to a incomparable assembly and get paid for it during a same time. The some-more bearing a better.

“That said, we don’t consider that many people who now bandit calm are unexpected going to pay. They will demeanour for giveaway alternatives instead. These are mostly straightforwardly available, generally for mainstream entertainment.”

Takedown requests

Mr Dotcom has been fighting extradition to a US given 2012, when his palace was raided and his resources were seized.

The US Department of Justice has pronounced Mr Dotcom and his associates enabled copyright transgression by vouchsafing users store pirated files in giveaway cloud lockers.

Users posted links to a pirated calm for others to download for free, though Megaupload would not tighten down lockers containing infringing content.

Mr Dotcom has prolonged argued that he did not assist robbery since he had a takedown system that enabled copyright holders to undo links to pirated files, and though a link, a user could not strech a file.

To forestall such a conditions occurring with Bitcache, a record lets copyright holders to take control over files done of their content.

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Kim Dotcom’s palace was raided in Jan 2012 by New Zealand tip use and a FBI

“If someone pirates Game of Thrones and charges income for it, a calm provider can find a link, news it to a complement and afterwards explain that content,” pronounced Dotcom.

“They can change a cost indicate so a user will have to compensate a genuine price, and no matter where a [file] is located online, a calm provider will now accept all a payments.”

Of course, this will not work on pirated files that have been uploaded around torrents, though he believes it will give calm providers behind control over their content, if they partner with his platform.

“The subsequent era of smartphones will send files in seconds,” pronounced Mr Dotcom.

“If calm holders wish to have any possibility to fight robbery in a universe that creates it increasingly easy to pirate, a best approach is to spin each record into a shop.

“This is truly new – something like this doesn’t exist yet.”