Khloé Kardashian Will Reportedly Stay In Cleveland To Deliver Baby Girl

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Khloé Kardashian is staying put.

As we reported, on Saturday in New York, Tristan Thompson seemed to be kissing a poser lady — possibly frame bar worker Lani Blair — while his profound partner stayed home in Ohio.

Photos: Tristan Isn’t The First Celeb To Be Accused Of Cheating

The NBA actor was also caught on notice video removing handsy with dual women during a Washington, D.C. hookah loll on Oct 7, 2017.

Despite a drama, a KUWTK star will reportedly hang to her plan, and will give birth in a Midwest.

According to an Us Weekly source:

“It’s too late in a pregnancy for Khloé to fly behind to L.A. right now… Even on a private jet with a alloy on board.”

OBGYN Dr. Sheila Loanzon told a announcement that “most airlines concede women to fly adult to 37 weeks of pregnancy,” adding:

“Radiation perceived during airline transport is next a turn of regard to means mistreat to a fetus. Some visit fliers might surpass this level, so women should be wakeful of how most they fly.”

Luckily, KoKo won’t be alone as mom Kris Jenner will reportedly be by her daughter’s side.

Khloé is going to be a mommy really soon…

[Image around Dan Jackman/WENN.]

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