Khloé Kardashian Wasn’t Close With Kim Or Kourtney Growing Up Because Of Her ‘Different’ Appearance

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The Kardashian sisters weren’t always inseparable.

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On Monday, Khloé Kardashian wrote a blog post on her website where she reveals she wasn’t tighten with Kim or Kourtney as a child since of a approach she looked.

The profound Revenge Body horde wrote:

“Interestingly, my sisters and we weren’t unequivocally tighten when we were younger… Kourtney and Kim were lifted rather like twins… we was always a irritating small sister who was unfortunate to get any courtesy from them. Both of them looked so identical to one another and my coming was so different… we would always do anything to get their courtesy behind then. My how a tables have turned… Just teasing LOL!”

Poor Khloé!

On a same day, Tristan Thompson‘s partner also wrote a post about because she is not freaked out about giving birth to a couple’s soon-to-be-born baby girl.

“I’ve seen over 8 births live and in person. Women were done to do this!… we review my apps each day and we ask my alloy if we have any questions. Of march I’m a small shaken to go into labor though I’m perplexing to not overthink something that literally happens all a time.”

As we reported, a 33-year-old announced on Instagram that she and Tristan “are ready” for their “little mama.”

Khloé, we got this!

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