Khloé Kardashian Admits She’s A ‘Fat Girl Chef’?! Find Out About Her ‘Mouth Watering’ Recipe For Monkey Bread HERE!

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We would adore to revisit Khloé Kardashian‘s kitchen ANY day of a week!

Recently, a 31-year-old posted a cooking video on her website where she instructs her millions of supporters on how to make “mouth-watering” gorilla bread!

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The KUWTK star admits that she loves to prepare a many fattening nonetheless tasty dishes imaginable!

She pronounced :

“I wish to be a cook though I’m usually a fat lady chef, like we usually like to make fat, comfort food. I’m not like, a healthy cook person.”

To make gorilla bread, a existence TV diva cuts adult store-bought biscuit mix that she covers in cinnamon sugar.

While one could make their possess biscuits, Miz Kardashian does NOT have a time nor patience!

“I’m certain we can make your possess biscuits though we don’t have adequate time for that… Honey, I’ve had a tough year so I’m going to cut a dilemma on this one and we wish it tastes only as good!”

After putting a biscuit pieces in a bundt pan, she pours a reduction of margarine and brownish-red sugarine over it, and afterwards puts a vessel in a oven.

Pictured (above), a dessert looks so freakin’ good!

However, a high potion of H2O is really blazing off those calories. As we reported, she is behind in a gym, operative on her fitness!

Chef Khloé does not disaster around!

[Image around Khloé Kardashian.]

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