Kevin Smith Has Already Lost 17 LBS In Just 9 Days Of Dieting Post-Heart Attack!

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We’re so relieved Kevin Smith survived his “widowmaker” heart attack a integrate weeks back!

And thankfully this is one knowledge to that he seems dynamic not to make a sequel.

His cardiologist told him he indispensable to go vegan AND remove 50 lbs — a tough transport for many, though this is a male who already forsaken an considerable 85 only 3 years back.

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On a latest part of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, a Clerks executive explained how this time, he’s regulating Penn Jillette‘s diet, that we know from a magician’s book Presto! starts with dual weeks of zero though potatoes afterwards adds in vegetables. Strict stuff.

“It’s rather extreme, though it appeals to me since it dials in to certain celebrity traits.”

We assume he means being means to follow a VERY tedious routine. But he’s doing it! He revealed:

“It’s been essentially… 9 days. And in 9 days, I’ve mislaid 17 lbs.”

WOW! Amazing!

“It’s a flattering heated program, though it’s been interesting. And of march required for my health and stuff. But once we get to a decent place, afterwards we can consider about eating again. But I’ll never eat a approach we used to.”

Oh, by a way, for those extraordinary — yes, Bluntman is still authorised to fume weed on his new health regimen.

You know, as prolonged as he can understanding with those munchies.

[Image around Kevin Smith/Instagram.]

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