Kevin Owens On Headbutting Vince McMahon, WWE Title Vs. WWE Universal Title, Social Media Issues

Kevin Owens recently spoke with to foster Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown in Birmingham, Alabama. The full talk is at this link and next are highlights:

You have a unequivocally good voice on Twitter, though you’ve also voiced concerns about a nastier aspects of amicable media. Where do we mount right now in terms of how we conduct your amicable media participation and how we rivet with fans both certain and negative?

“I unequivocally don’t go on Twitter as most as we used to. we feel like as we turn some-more well-known, some-more and some-more people have entrance to we and know who we are. There’s a lot of people out there who are only miserable in their possess lives we theory and only perplexing to make other people miserable as good to move themselves up. There’s no necessity of that, that’s for sure. It’s taken a fee on my in terms of how most we adore amicable media. we don’t suffer it as much. But whenever we do, we get messages from people revelation me how my work helps them in their life in a struggles they’re going through. That always means a universe to me. It will never stop. There’s something unequivocally special about assembly fans we know we strech with your work. We do this each week, we get into a routine, and as ardent as we might be, it’s like any other pursuit in a way. Once we do something prolonged enough, we kind of get used to it. Sometimes we’re propitious adequate to accommodate somebody that’s unequivocally overwhelmed by your work, and that always puts things in viewpoint and is unequivocally cool.”

How critical is winning a WWE championship to you? Obviously you’d be a grand impact champion, though now that you’ve been Universal champion, that is a tip pretension in a company, since would it still meant a lot to win a WWE title?

“Honestly, to me, a WWE championship and a Universal championship are a same thing. They’re a tip championships on a particular brands. If a code prolongation were to finish or whatever might happen, those titles would only be fused into a WWE championship again. The indicate is, they meant a same thing. So of march we wish to be WWE champion since of what it means, and that means you’re a tip superstar. we don’t consider that we indispensably have to be a champion to be a tip superstar, though it positively helps. It’s an fame that everybody wants. Who doesn’t wish to be WWE champion? we was Universal champion, and I’m unequivocally unapproachable of that, and that’s always going to be a prominence of my career. But of march we wish to be WWE champion, only like we wish to be tab group champion eventually. All a titles only meant your work is being recognized, and you’re seen as someone who can paint a company. That’s always unequivocally gratifying.”

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Can we paint a design of what goes by your conduct when we find out that you’re going to headbutt Vince McMahon?

“No we unequivocally can’t, honestly. It’s flattering indescribable. But it’s something I’ll remember forever, I’ll pledge we that. [laughs]”