Kenya Moore Fired From Real Housewives Of Atlanta: She’s Not Acting Like A Real Housewife

Kenya Moore could turn the subsequent housewife to be dismissed from Real Housewives of Atlanta. She could be a second housewife to be dismissed from a Bravo series. Phaedra Parks was a initial one to be dismissed before a subsequent deteriorate was filmed. It turns out that Kenya Moore is not behaving like a housewife. That’s a reason because it’s called Real Housewives. But, that also hasn’t stopped Bravo from featuring divorcees and singular women.

Kenya Moore has been enjoying her married life after removing married in June. She’s also been pressured from prolongation to concede her father to film in a arriving season. If she doesn’t abet afterwards she will a subsequent housewife to be fired. According to TMZ, producers for RHOA wish Kenya Moore to deliver her new husband, Marc Daly, as partial of her new storyline. Marc Daly is not meddlesome in apropos a tie on a show. Does he know what he got himself into? Does he know that he married a existence star?

Sources tighten to production pronounced he doesn’t wish to film because “he has large problems with a approach RHOA portrays black men.” Still, Marc knew what he was removing himself into. He knows that Kenya Moore is one of a biggest stars on RHOA – either we like her or not. Kenya Moore is adhering by her man’s side. She wants to strengthen him by not carrying a spotlight on their marriage. This is a initial attribute she feels intensely private about.

Kenya Moore claims the “show hired her, not her husband” and that his name is not enclosed in a contract. Producers are not vouchsafing Kenya Moore get her way. They are giving her an ultimatum, “either get Marc on a uncover or she’ll be phased out.” Kenya Moore has voiced her enterprise to have children as shortly as possible. That could means an additional problem on RHOA. How could she sojourn on a uncover as she starts a family? It wouldn’t make clarity if she’s going to be private about her marriage.

She’s going by a lengths to get pregnant. She’s now undergoing IVF treatments, and highlight from a existence show would diminution a odds of removing pregnant. Kenya Moore has done it transparent that being on a uncover stresses her out. So, a best gamble would be for her to leave. What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Do we consider Kenya Moore should get dismissed from RHOA? Would we skip her on a show? Sound off next in a comments section.

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2017 ESSENCE Festival