Kendrick Lamar Beats Out Taylor Swift in 2016 Grammy Awards Nominations: T-Swift Jealous?

Kendrick Lamar Beats Out Taylor Swift in 2016 Grammy Nominations: T-Swift Jealous?

Is Taylor Swift jealous of Kendrick Lamar’s success? The 2015 Grammy Awards nominations are in – and as approaching both Taylor Swift and The Weeknd walked divided with 7 nominations a piece. But, a genuine story, that lifted a few eyebrows is rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Lamar is using a uncover this year and heading in nominations with a whopping 11 – that’s 4 some-more than reigning Grammy Queen Taylor Swift!

Kendrick Lamar not usually got some-more nominations than Taylor Swift, though he kick out Eminem’s prior record for many Grammy nominations in one year. There is no doubt that Kendrick Lamar is honourable of a nominations, his manuscript ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ was expelled over 6 months ago – and is still creation waves and generating buzz.

But, word among Taylor’s round is that Swift was repelled when a Grammy nominations list came out – and her companion Kendrick Lamar left her in a dust.

We all know how Taylor Swift is, her friends are ostensible to be successful in each aspect … only not some-more successful than her. Taylor has always publicly permitted Kendrick Lamar, and it’s no tip that Kendrick and Taylor are pals on and off a stage. But, T-Swift is rumored to be feeling a certain form of approach about Lamar receiving some-more Grammy nominations than she did.

An insider tighten to Taylor’s round dished to CDL, “It’s not that Taylor isn’t happy for Kendrick or doesn’t consider that he deserved a honor. It’s only that after her universe debate and a success of her final manuscript – she suspicion that she and Kendrick would be neck and neck. She will unequivocally honour him, though she is a small bummed.”

What do we guys consider of a 2016 Grammy nominations? Are we astounded Kendrick Lamar breezed past Taylor Swift in nominations. How many categories do we consider he will indeed win in? Is Taylor Swift unequivocally jealous? Let us know what we consider in a comments below!