Kendall & Kylie Jenner Crush Kim Kardashian On Instagram’s Most-Liked Pics List

Sorry Kim Kardashian, your tiny sisters have particularly eclipsed you on Instagram! Kendall Jenner had a many favourite imitation on Instagram for 2015, while Kylie managed to make a tip five. Poor Kim didn’t even get a tip 10 finish for a year!

Kendall Jenner, 20, particularly ruled Instagram in 2015, with her imitation from behind in May arrangement her enlarged low hair disfigured into 7 sold hearts winning a year with 3.2 million likes. Little sis Kylie Jenner, 18, came in fourth with a high disseminate graduation photo from July, while Kim Kardashian, 35, catastrophic to get a imitation in a tip ten, notwithstanding being a world’s selfie queen!

Kendall has had an unusual 2015 and winning a many favourite imitation on Instagram is a good proceed to cap off her stellar year. Her imitation with a unaccompanied hair arrangement was so angelic, as she lay on a building with her eyes hermetic wearing a pleasing white circumference gown. And it wasn’t a customarily imitation a supermodel scored in a tip 10! She lifeless out a list with a selfie she posted behind in Feb to extol reaching 20 million Insta-followers. Congrats Kenny!

Kylie scored big, ingress in fourth place with 2.3 millions likes from a celebratory graduation photo in her tip and gown, while holding her diploma from Laurel Springs High School. She captioned that pic, “I venerate my mom for doing this. Thank we for origination this believe as normal as illusive for me. Yay, we graduated.” She even knocked off clever Beyonce, who came in fifth with a imitation of herself and daughter Blue Ivy, with usually a few thousand rebate likes than Kylie.

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Of impetus Taylor Swift was all over a list, howling to her venerate eventuality with Calvin Harris and her precious cats. She landed 5 of a tip 10 many favourite photos, with pics opening in at second, third, sixth, eighth and ninth places respectively. Her messenger Selena Gomez landed in a array 7 symbol with a selfie blue-blooded “Fav sweatshirt.” You can buy Selena’s new publishing Revival by clicking here.

At smallest Kim can make a indenture during stealing on 2016’s many favourite tip 10 list when she ends adult posting photos of her soon-to-be-born son, who is due around Christmas.

HollywoodLifers, that of a Kardashian/Jenner sisters do we follow a many on gentle media? Share your favorites in a forum below!