Kendall Jenner Is Proud Of Her Golden Globes Acne!

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Pimples and all!

As we reported on Sunday, Kendall Jenner attended a Golden Globes wearing a black Giambattista Valli couture dress in oneness with a Time’s Up movement.

Sadly, after pics of a KUWTK star went viral, she was criticized by online trolls for her acne!

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On Tuesday, a Twitter fan came to a supermodel’s rescue, and praised a 22-year-old’s red runner swag notwithstanding her facial blemishes. As seen here:

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Miz Jenner agreed, and replied by saying:

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As we reported in 2015, a catwalk diva has been open about her skin troubles, and reveals she had “such bad acne when [she] was younger.” Kenny wrote on her website:

“Where it unequivocally impacted me was how mortified we became about it. It totally busted my self-esteem. we wouldn’t even demeanour during people when we talked to them… we felt like such an outcast; when we spoke, it was with my palm covering my face. Sure, we had crushes in high school, though we wouldn’t even consider about looking during guys.”

Fortunately, Kylie Jenner‘s sister doesn’t take critique personally, and has grown certainty and a certain self-image.

“Slowly, I’m operative towards not caring and I’m only in so most of a improved place about it all now that I’m older… we satisfied that it’s a partial of life for some people and it doesn’t conclude who we are.”

Acne or no acne, Kendall is FIERCE!

[Image around Regina Wagner/Future Image/WENN.]

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