Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Sexual’ Sitting Position In WH Says ‘I Don’t Follow Rules’ — Expert Says

Kellyanne Conway marches to a kick of her possess drum! The Counselor’s ‘sexual’ sitting position in a White House design suggests she ‘doesn’t have to follow a rules,’ according to a physique denunciation consultant we’ve EXCLUSIVELY oral with. Here’s a scoop!

It’s usually been a month given Donald Trump‘s, 70, stay strictly transitioned into a White House, though Kellyanne Conway, 50, already feels right during home! Voters were angry by her inappropriate physique denunciation inside a Oval Office, as she was kneeling on a cot in a center of a business meeting. Turns out, her seating position tells us A LOT about her personality! “By sitting this way, she’s saying, ‘I dont have to be grave in this environment since I’m buddies with Trump,’” physique denunciation expert Patti Wood tells EXCLUSIVELY.

As we substantially have already noticed, Donald doesn’t play by a manners either — so because should his debate advisor? “The station protocol is partial of a White House practice — her preference to lay is rude,” Patti continues. “That position is rather sexual. Usually when someone sits this way, their knees are touching. Instead of carrying her legs closed, they are somewhat detached and her knees are somewhat outward.” You can most see adult her dress! Maybe if Kellyanne were wearing pants it wouldn’t be so shocking.

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Also, it doesn’t assistance that a President was in a center of nod a good leaders of historically black colleges and universities on Feb. 27. It’s not like they were munching on tacos during their lunch break! This was an intensely grave assembly that Kellyanne might have botched by sitting so infrequently and texting divided on her cellphone. “By selecting to be on her dungeon phone, she’s not interacting with a others. It shows a miss of group work and equal status.” Seriously, where are her manners?

HollywoodLifers, do we determine with Patti? Do we find Kellyanne’s seating position passionate and rude?