Kelly Ripa Reveals Why Her Teenage Daughter Gets Mad About Dad Mark Consuelos’ Role on Riverdale

Kelly Ripa says that her teenage daughter wishes father Mark Consuelos were as kindly in genuine life as a impression he plays on TV.

During an coming on Friday night’s part of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Ripa discussed her father Consuelos’ purpose on deteriorate dual of strike CW uncover Riverdale as Veronica Lodge’s father Hiram — who only got out of jail following some untrustworthy business deals.

“He’s vital his best life. He is in Vancouver. He’s never looked better. He is carrying a best time ever,” Ripa said.

She added, “I wish we could watch Riverdale with my 16-year-old daughter, who is finally like, ‘I can't trust father is on a uncover that we indeed watch.’ ”

Lola Consuelos may like a array — though she doesn’t like that she’s not afforded a same freedoms as Veronica.

“You know, so Veronica — she’s 16 also — and she drinks mimosas during breakfast. My daughter’s like, ‘Dad never lets me splash mimosas during breakfast!’ ” Ripa continued. “And we go, ‘Yeah, since he’s a genuine father and that’s a impression on TV!’ ”

Mirror, Mirror on a wall, who’s your Daddy? Find out tonight on a CW 8/7c and tomorrow on a CW app #hiramlodge #riverdale

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Mark Consuelos (left), Kelly Ripa, Joaquin, Lola and  Michael Consuelos.
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The morning uncover host also suggested that she’d recently done her daughter indignant over an Instagram post.

“It’s so bizarre. I’m never authorised to post a print of her, ever,” Ripa remarked, joking, “Why did we have these kids if not to feat them on amicable media?”

The offending post in doubt was a “Halloween reversion Thursday photo” from 8 years ago. “I was like, ‘You know what, she can’t get insane during [it],” Ripa continued.

But when she was on her approach to The Tonight Show, “The phone rings and we see it says Lola and we was debating, we was like, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t answer it, though what if it’s an emergency?’ ” And when Ripa answered a phone she says her daughter told her to “take it down right now” since “my friends follow we for some reason and they will see this.”

“I was like, we know what, we will take it down. I’ll take it down for you. And that was a finish of a conversation.” While Ripa did follow by with her guarantee to take a print off of Instagram, she finished adult display it on The Tonight Show anyway.


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Ripa and Consuelos distinguished their 21st marriage anniversary in May. “21 years of lit-ness. (sorry Lola) @instasuelos Happy Anniversary we adore you. Big!” Ripa captioned an Instagram post during a time, that enclosed countless photos of a span cuddled adult on trips they had taken together over a years.

21 years of lit-ness. 🔥🔥 (sorry Lola) @instasuelos Happy Anniversary 💋I adore you. Big!

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The morning uncover horde married Consuelos on May 1, 1996. They share 3 children: Michael, 20, Lola, and Joaquin, 14.

Speaking with PEOPLE in 2013, Ripa pronounced about her husband: “I adore all about him, even his irritating habits.”

“He is a chairman we was meant to be with forever, and we consider he feels a same way,” Ripa added. “We unequivocally do have utterly an devotion to one another. No matter what, we support any other in all we do.”

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