Kelly Clarkson Says ‘Wine Is Necessary’ When Raising Kids

Kelly Clarkson is divulgence a tip to lifting 4 children – alcohol.

The thespian suggested to reporters on Tuesday during a TCA eventuality for The Voice that parenting can call for a potion or dual of vino.

“They are challenging,” Clarkson said, referring to lifting children. “Wine is necessary. They’re good though. Out of a mouths of babes. They contend things where you’re like ‘Damn.’ They call we out. They learn me.”

She continued, “I know it sounds stupid though kids learn we to be a improved human. They’re examination each moment, not usually me during home though me sitting here with y’all.”

As for what her biggest enterprise is for her children, a “Piece by Piece” thespian said, “I wish with a dual boys and a dual girls that they see their relatives as successful, amatory and deferential people ‘cause that’s what we wish for them.”

(from left) The Voice executive writer Audrey Morrissey, Kelly Clarkson, and Season 12 leader Chris Blue during a 2018 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour

Clarkson, 35, shares dual children with father Brandon Blackstock: 3-year-old daughter River Rose and 21-month-old son Remington Alexander. Blackstock also has dual children from a prior relationship: Savannah and Seth.

When asked if she and her father were finished carrying children, Clarkson gave an emphatic, “Absolutely!”

Clarkson tells PEOPLE her kids have been her categorical impulse in life and emitted how they taught her perspective.

“I consider when you’re younger and in this kind of attention where everybody is always applauding we – or articulate bad or good about we – they’re still articulate about we and it’s so tough to not splash your punch,” she said.

She continued, “I’m going to learn my kids to do what they love, regardless if they’re a many famous chairman doing it. Love what we do. Love who we work with and don’t work with people we don’t and don’t do things we don’t love.”