Kelly Clarkson Debuts Emotional Song for Hoda Kotb’s New Children’s Book — Watch a Music Video

Parents — have a hankie handy.

Kelly Clarkson debuted her new strain “I’ve Loved You Since Forever,” desirous by Hoda Kotb‘s new children’s book of a same name, Thursday on Today.

“Before birds flew over rainbows and monkeys swung on trees, there was we and there was me,” a first-ever American Idol winner sings. “Before a object set in a sky and sugar came from bees, there was we and there was me.”

Lyrics read, “Waiting for a day a paths would cranky and we and we incited into we. Oh, I’ve desired we given perpetually and forever’s how prolonged you’ll be desired by me.”

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Kotb wrote a new book after adopting daughter Haley, who incited 1 final month, and recruited Clarkson to spin her difference into music.

Kelly Clarkson performs her new strain for Hoda Kotb.

“My heart exploded,” the Today host told PEOPLE of after conference a strain for a initial time.

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Kotb added, “Kelly is an unimaginable tellurian being. She altered my life. This strain is now partial of a family history. It’s extraordinary that she did that for Haley and for me and for anyone that listens to it and feels like a strain is about them.”

Hoda Kotb's new children's book, I've Loved You Since Forever.

Kotb’s book, I’ve Loved You Since Foreveris now available.