Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai actor Manraj Singh: Sharing shade space with Ronit Roy was a dream come loyal for me

manraj singh talks about kehne ko humsafar haimanraj singh talks about kehne ko humsafar hai Manraj Singh plays Arya in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai.

While some patted Ekta Kapoor’s behind for holding on an surprising theme in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, many claimed a web array promoted infidelity. However, actor Manraj Singh, who is seen personification a impression of Arya in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, praised Ekta’s move. While he mentioned that infidelity is not cool, he reiterated that it is a existence that is tacit and hidden.

“When we review a script, we felt that this could occur to anyone. But what creates a web array opposite is a fact that it talks about it. He (Ronit’s character) is mentioning to his mom that he has depressed out of venerate and wants to marry someone else. That is unequivocally mature about a series. In reality, we would not see people usurpation an extramarital event since it would turn a disorderly situation. It is a same in a array too though he is entrance out in open and starting a conversation. Also, we do consider it is astray to a lady who has given her all to this male and been a dedicated mom and mom for decades though a slightest she deserves is to know,” quipped Manraj Singh.

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai is about a prime married male Rohit (Ronit Roy), who falls in venerate outward his marriage. The stellar actor is assimilated by dual heading ladies of radio Mona Singh and Gurdeep Kohli, who play a other lady and a wife, respectively.

Manraj feels sanctified to have common a shade space with all 3 of them. In fact, he pronounced detached from a subject, Ronit Roy is a reason because he chose to do Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai.

“Yes, for me there were dual things that finished me wish to be partial of this series. The theme and a actors – Ronit and Mona. we knew Ronit is an actor who brings earnest to his character. we unequivocally like him. we venerate his performances, be it in films or television. Sharing a shade space with him was like a dream come loyal for me. we schooled a lot from him,” pronounced a Romil and Jugal actor.

He continued that he was unequivocally vehement to work with Ronit. “I was not shaken though approbation unequivocally excited. we wanted to see their routine of acting, know them as a chairman and take some inputs as an actor. we was looking brazen to everything. The fact that they are so easy for newbies is unequivocally impressive. we common a shade space with Ronit. He is always active in helping. Working with him was utterly organic. He does not repress or uncover that he has been in a attention for decades. He finished me feel unequivocally comfortable,” combined Manraj.

Manraj Singh plays Arya in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai. Arya is a beloved of Bani, who is a elder daughter of Ronit’s character. Talking about his character, a actor said, “Arya is someone Bani trusts and loves. He loves her and wants to get married. But Bani’s preference to get married is usually on a basement of holding punish on her father. She is not certain though is still holding a step. Arya is her support. She knows he can tumble behind on him. Her greeting to her dad’s event brings Arya in a picture.”

Manraj also hopes Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai gives bravery to people to come out and accept a reality. “If a chairman is truly not happy in a marriage, it is improved to pronounce and get finished with it. People competence not like a law though it should be confronted.”

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