Katy Perry: I’ll Be The New Simon Cowell On ‘American Idol’

Plus, Katy Perry has a few ideas about who a other judges successive to her on a ‘American Idol’ list should be!


“I’m unquestionably pulling for Lionel, given we cruise Lionel Richie is an icon,” Katy Perry, 32, said during an interview on On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday morning when asked about a nearing mellow of American Idol. Of course, she was a initial decider announced when a news pennyless of a ABC reboot, and given then, there have been many talks about who else should judge.

“If you’ve ever seen or met Lionel, he usually knows how to attract a whole room. His appearance brightens a whole room,” she said, also commenting on a rumors about a possibility Charlie Puth could also join a show. “Charlie Puth is rather new to a entire open of America. He has his possess vast fanbase, yet we cruise he’s unquestionably means and “Attention” is one of my favorite things. He’s young, fresh, cool, hip.”


Regardless of who joins her during a judging table, a thespian already has quiescent her purpose and she is not going to be a regretful one. “Sob stories come second for me. we usually wish to give constructive critique — if we don’t got a goods, we don’t got a goods,” she told Ryan. “The marketplace is already proceed too crowded, there’s 100,000 things opening out any Friday — we don’t need another authority usually to fill a space. We wish a star and we need a star.”

She even admitted, yes, she’ll be “more Simon Cowell” than anyone else. “I unquestionably honour him given he was usually truthful. He’s seen it. we don’t need to be there to win a renouned race. we wish to make someone’s dreams come true.”

HollywoodLifers, did we suspect that Katy would be a Simon of a season?

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