Katniss Retakes No. 1 From China ‘Surprise’; ‘Good Dinosaur’ In 3rd; ‘Sea’ & 007 Round Out Top 5 – Intl Box Office Final

cinemaworldUPDATED, 6:45 PM Monday: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 pulled off a warn of a possess when international box office sum were retallied today. MJ2 reclaimed a tip symbol following an astonishing two-day “preview” swell by a Chinese pretension Surprise that seemed to give it a lead over Katniss and association on Sunday. Lionsgate reported that MJ2 grosses rose to $17.4M from Sunday’s estimated $15.4M, adequate to put a authorization culmination behind on tip for a fourth uninterrupted weekend offshore. The trifle resulted in a brief power for Surprise (aka Surprise You’ll Never Think Of: Journey To The West, or Surprise: Journey To The West), whose $17M Saturday-Sunday sum from some 35K preview showings (compared to about 25K unchanging screenings for Point Break) primarily seemed to best all other abroad titles for a weekend. The Surprise scheme came on a initial central weekend of a Chinese box bureau trance for new releases. Disney’s The Good Dinosaur claimed a No. 3 symbol internationally with $15.3M (up from $14.3M estimates Sunday), with In The Heart Of The Sea in fourth place with $13.65M. Spectre dull out a general tip 5 with $13.25M (up from $12.9M Sunday estimate). The 4 Hollywood studio titles all achieved a small improved than Sunday’s preliminary weekend estimates.

surprise china moviePREVIOUSLY, 1:15 PM PT Sunday: Some late-breaking info showed that a initial central weekend of a Chinese box bureau trance resulted in a No. 1 film internationally. Surprise (aka Surprise You’ll Never Think Of: Journey To The West, or Surprise – Journey To The West) done $17M on a Saturday/Sunday according to Rentrak data. It was reportedly due to be in previews this weekend forward of a far-reaching recover on Dec 18, though I’ve listened a anticipation comedy was stretched during a final minute. Data from internal stating use Ent Group shows that on Saturday it had scarcely 35K showings as compared to about 25K for Point Break in a 2nd Middle Kingdom session. That’s an awful lot of previews, so, Surprise indeed.

PREVIOUS, 12:25 PM PT: There were no mega studio grossers this weekend, though that was to be approaching as holdovers pierce most serve into their runs and with no new openers. Twas a weekend before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, after all. The tip 3 studio films are down 42% from final week, collectively pulling in $42.6M. Compared to last year when a final Hobbit installment bowed, we are 73% down on a tip trio. Things will change dramatically subsequent week when Star Wars starts tellurian domination; general rollout starts Wednesday, notably, here in France.

hunger games mockingjay partial 2In a meantime, a Top 3 this week (prior to a astonishing swell from China’s Surprise that shifts all down a notch) were a same as final week, notwithstanding in opposite order. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 reason a No. 1 symbol for a 4th event in a quarrel and now has a tellurian cume of $564.6M. The 3rd support of The Good Dinosaur leapfrogged James Bond to take a No. 2 symbol among studio films. With large binds in some of a vital plays, a Disney/Pixar pretension now has a worldwide sum of $169.3M. The family quadruped underline still has room to grow overseas, generally when it hits Japan, and maybe China. In 3rd, Spectre‘s worldwide sum is now $820.6M after 7 sessions.

Down in 6th place, though value indicating out, is a clever China opening of Point Break whose early recover experiment is profitable off for a 2nd support in a row. And that’s notwithstanding some tinkering with recover dates that saw internal cinema pierce onto this weekend during a really final minute.

Elsewhere, In The Heart Of The Sea had some decent binds in a sophomore army in abroad waters, and a leaky start Stateside. As with flattering most everyone, there are gale Force winds forward of it this week.

Breakdowns on a studio titles in a general marketplace are below.

(Figures via have been updated where suitable by Kinsey Lowe.)


In a 4th weekend, MJ2 reason No. 1 among U.S. studio releases — something MJ1 did not conduct final year, even if MJ2 is trailing that film in some pivotal markets. It flapped adult another $17.4M in 92 markets. That takes a general sum to $326.4M. The worldwide cume is $571M. The UK remains a lead marketplace for MJ2 during $38.7M to date. That’s a small some-more than $10M off MJ1‘s lifetime in that market, while Germany’s $36.2M on MJ2 has overtaken a before film’s sum there.

good dinosaurDisney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur took in $15.3M over a weekend, bringing a offshore sum to $79.3M for a worldwide cume of $169.3M. Animated films have prolonged tails and large multiples internationally and while this won’t be Pixar’s highest-grossing film ever everywhere, it’s not approaching to be a lowest, either. I’m cautioned by opposition distributors that it’s early to call this dinosaur extinct, notwithstanding some reports to a contrary. It’s utterly critical that Australia, Japan and Brazil are still to come. The southern hemisphere markets will be on summer vacation when a Peter Sohn-helmed film stomps into city while Japan has a same Mar recover date as Frozen did dual years ago and TGD is approaching to play in that dino-loving market. China stays a doubt mark, however, with a recover as-yet unconfirmed and that could meant a intensity pitch of about $40M with a final tellurian take of anywhere from $385M-$425M, per a sources.

This 3rd weekend offshore was value $15.3M in 47 territories representing approximately 61% of a general marketplace. The tip abroad play is a UK ($10.1M) that forsaken 22% in a 3rd support to constraint No. 1 on Saturday and put it in good stead to reason for a FSS contra MJ2. Other binds embody Germany (-12%/$3.5M cume), France (-15%/$8.1M) and Mexico (-29%/$8.7M cume). Latin America has cozied adult to Arlo and Spot, gripping a film in a No. 1 container opposite a region; and South East Asia stays a prohibited play with TGD a tip grossing Pixar recover ever in Vietnam.

spectre 111James Bond spied a serve $12.9M in a 7th offshore weekend for an general cume of $629.8M. Globally, 007 has pressed $820.6M into a Aston Martin glovebox. Highlights this support embody a 2nd weekend during No. 1 in Japan with $2.3M on 588 screens, down usually 22% for a $12.5M total. Elsewhere, binds are utterly plain indeed: Germany (-28%/$63.9M cume); France (-43%/$34.7M); a UK (-37%/ $141.8M); and Australia (-20%/ $22.7M). The Netherlands can't quit Bond, however, holding Spectre at No. 1 for 7 uninterrupted weeks and bringing a cume to $18.1M (ie, improved than Italy, Russia and Korea among others).

After bowing in 38 general markets final frame, Warner Bros/Village Roadshow’s whale story picked adult somewhat better-than-projected $13.65M in 52 on a sophomore voyage. The offshore cume is now $41M with a worldwide transport of $52M including a unsatisfactory domestic debut. There were some plain binds internationally like Korea where a 25% dump resulted in a cume of $5.3M and about 15% of a market. Russia also confirmed No. 1 for a cume of $3.9M; Mexico came in No. 2 with a sum $3.9M to date; Italy also harpooned No. 2 again with a cume of $3.9M; Malaysia stranded No. 1 with a 13% dump for $470K and $1.2M. The rest of a marketplace cumes mangle out thusly: Brazil $2.9M, Australia $1.4M, and Spain $1.5M and Taiwan $1.3M. The UK opens on Boxing Day (December 26) and Japan bows Jan 16.

Point BreakLooks like a Point Break examination is profitable off. The Alcon/DMG/Warner Bros movement reconstitute grossed $12.3M this support from 8 Asian markets. The general sum after 10 days is $34.5M. That includes $30.3M in China where it went out on Dec 3, holding advantage of a final container for a Western film forward of a trance period. It was also 3 weeks before PB surfs to a States on Christmas Day and in a arise of Star Wars. China was utterly important for a film this weekend where a new Johnny Utah and Bodhi combined $10.2M usually -14% from their entrance that is believed to be a lowest weekend-to-weekend dump of a year. Great word of mouth has contributed to a success here, nonetheless it looks like a Chinese authorities were penetrating to keep it out of a No. 1 symbol for a second weekend in a row. Comedy Surprise was not due to open far-reaching until Dec 18, though we know was instead forsaken in this weekend during a final notation and finished a FSS during No. 1. The Master, that was due to recover Friday, was also evidently corroborated adult by a day and fell in line behind The Martian during No. 4.

Speaking of The Martian and China, a Fox pic continued a impassioned run in a Middle Kingdom with a weekend figure of $7.7M and marketplace cume of $86.8M in 19 days. In total, Ridley Scott’s Golden Globe hopeful brought home another $8.1M from 2,967 screens in 27 markets. The general cume is now $366.3M as this one adds to a record books for Scott.

Director Todd Haynes’ Golden Globe multi-nominated play is in usually 3 offshore markets. In a third weekend in a UK, Carol combined $366KK (-30% from before weekend) for an general cume of $2.96M. German-speaking Switzerland assimilated a UK and Greece in this event with particular grosses of $86K and 63K (-11%). Still early in a runs and with Oscar nominations to come, Carol has a tellurian cume usually bashful of $4.2M.

Bridge Of SpiesTrading with audiences in 49 markets, Steven Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies spooked adult another $7M from 4,068 screens in a third Fox frame. The general sum is now $53.6M with clever binds in several pivotal markets. Spain led with $1.3M, down 32% ($4.75M cume); followed by a UK with $1.2M (-27%/$8.3M cume); and France with $1.1M (-32%/$3.1M cume). Bridge Of Spies will take a chances opposite a Empire subsequent week when it bows in Italy.

In a second frame, Legendary and Universal’s Krampus frightened adult $3.7M in 38 territories, a 4% boost on final week and good for an general sum of $8.8M. The worldwide sum on a $15M budgeted pic is $37.3M. The holiday fear combined 14 territories this event with Venezuela a tip opener during No. 3 and $747K during 45 dates. Mexico came down a funnel subsequent with $265K during 251 dates. Krampus visits a rest of a plays via a month with Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania and Vietnam bowing subsequent weekend.

Peanuts film Snoopy Charlie BrownJapan did a Snoopy dance again this week, delivering $991K on 660 screens for a 22% dump from final week’s opening and bringing a cume to $3.16M. That gave Hollywood cinema a tip dual spots in a marketplace with Spectre during No. 1. In total, Charlie Brown and a squad combined $2.7M from 2,066 screens in 22 markets. The general cume is now $16.75M. In a confidant move, a beagle/Flying Ace zooms into 36 new markets in dual weeks, one support after Star Wars bows. Those embody majors like France, Germany, Russia, Korea and Mexico.

Resurrecting $2.85M from 2,826 screens in 39 markets, Fox’s VF is frequency a beast overseas, though kicked adult a bit of life in some binds this frame. The general cume is $25M so distant with Venezuela heading a charge. That market, in fact, was adult 40% in a 3rd event with $707K from 39 screens for a $4.2M cume. Mexico and Brazil also did morally with cumes of $4.25M and $1.93M, respectively. The UK on a other palm has not incited on to this pic that’s led by a British cast. The sophomore event is down 57% from final week’s “poor” open, per Fox. The subsequent call of releases is scheduled for Feb and March.

babysitting 2BABYSITTING 2
Coming off of one of a best starts for a internal film in France this year, Babysitting 2 combined $3M from 518 dates for Universal this frame. After a comedy sequel’s sophomore session, a cume is $8.6M and it is holding during No. 1.

Universal’s other supplement stocking stuffer, Spanish Affairs 2, is stability a muy caliente run, apropos a biggest grossing film of a year in Spain. That takes it past Uni’s possess Minions and Jurassic World. At No. 1 again in a 4th weekend, SA2 combined $2M during 370 dates for a 24-day sum of $28.9M.

Also checking in with $2.2M this weekend, Sony’s HT2 took a cume to $277.9M overseas. With kids removing out of school, Australia was down usually 1% for a $1.1M 3rd support and a $4.7M cume. Korea is adult subsequent on Dec 24.

Sony’s Jack Black/RL Stine comedy scarer sent shivers down a spines of $1.1M value of viewers in 52 markets over a frame. The general cume is now $38.3M with vital marketplace releases to come in a new year including Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, a UK and France

Ryan Coogler’s Rocky-inspired play grossed $1.4M from 603 screens in 10 markets. Overseas cume for a Warner Bros./Roadshow design is $7.6M. Australia continues with clever binds in a 3rd weekend, grossing $800K from 225 sum to lift a cume to $3.7M.  Major markets to come for Creed embody Japan (12/23), France (1/13), Germany, Italy and Russia (1/14) and a UK (1/15).

Angelina Jolie’s insinuate play stretched in 9 territories (limited release) this frame, adding $560K in a sum of 23. France led on a Universal recover with $111K during 78 dates followed by Argentina’s $105K during 51 dates and Germany’s $64K during 140. The general sum is now $2M with 9 some-more territories still to come.

Last week’s Australian Academy Award laureate got a box bureau strike from a 5 wins, adding $450K during 280 dates in Oz and New Zealand. The sum on a Kate Winslet comedy is $13.4M. for Universal